LegionBeats CEO highlights the mental turning point that led him to 10x his business afters years of struggles and negativity

2 parts of a whole

As an entrepreneur your business is like an extension of your “persona”. They are strictly connected. And any of these entities have a direct impact on the other. Your life and mind will affect your business and vice versa.

Understanding this connection is not that obvious for many. Becoming aware of this tight connection can boos your business overnight. But it rarely is a “switch”, most times is a long process of learning, trial and error.

Your actions impact your revenue

Gabe Schillinger has been into music forever, it was a DNA thing. But like most of us, he had struggles, failures, hurdles and roadblocks to face, then overcome and learn from. Things started shifting right when Gabe learned to respond to these challenges not heading down a hole and bringing his business down with it, but instead when he learned to bounce back quickly adopting a resilient mindset. And bouncing back quickly from failures, made his business thrive.

Lesson learned

Gabe, after lot of reading and learning and having the right mentors, started facing difficulty head-on and soon learned to spot opportunities within them to grow or learn even further; for individuals like Gabe Schillinger obstacles become hurdles to beat, and issues simply become situations to resolve. Their businesses thrive because things don’t keep sinking or get worse when all goes haywire; they ride it out and come back on top.

Two different breeds

The difference between collapsing and succeeding entrepreneurs is related to the way they think about themselves, their business and the whole world at large. One is a pessimistic/negative frame of mind that keeps you down and far from solutions and recoveries while the other is an optimistic/positive mindset that rapidly acknowledge the problem and even more rapidly look for the best solution out there.

The answer is within

Gabe clearly outlined that the solution is always within us. The problem is always within us too. Cause the problem is not an abstract entity, it’s simply how we decide to respond and react to a “situation” that we face. When a negative event shows up you don’t have to be affected by it. Bad things happen, to you, around you. All the time. To all of us on this planet. But some seem to not even care and some others fall into a tunnel of desperation with no solution in sight.

The roadmap

Building a positive mindset that will act as your best friend doesn’t mean that you just ignore bad things or situations and just not care. That is not a responsible behavior especially for an entrepreneur. The positive mindset would let you acknowledge the issue, feel the emotion deeply and then move on. Collect your rational self and thought and start drafting solutions. It sounds “easier said than done” but well, nothing worthy comes easy. Trust me, having a resilient mindset is literally the biggest achievement you can obtain in life. Not only yourself will benefit from it. Your family, friends, partners and anybody around you will benefit from it.

Thinking positively grows your business

When things apparently are going wrong, if you let your negative side take control it will lead you down a slippery slope and over a cliff at some point. Instead, keeping your head lucid and positive, with a proactive attitude and a problem-solving mindset, would let you learn and grow from any apparently negative situation that come your way. As Gabe said “turn problems into learning opportunities, learning opportunities into new paths and new paths into new profits”

One simple trick he suggested is this. When you reach a bump on the road or experience a failure of any sort, ask yourself this: what can I learn from this, how can I turn this into a point of growth and improvement ? How can I look back at this in the future and notice how I was able to turn this into a positive turning point ?”. And your mindset will look for solutions right away.

To follow Gabe Schillinger’s journey in his life and business, check his instagram at @legiongabe