Most of the college students are sleep deprived due to their tough routines and the struggle of managing time between college, jobs and social life. Even if they ask an academic assistance provider to write my essay UK to overcome the burden, sleeping late becomes a habit not only affecting health but performance in college as well. Enough sleep is crucial if you want to have a productive day and want to give 100% at college, your jobs and relationships.

If you have also fallen prey to the wrecked routines of college life and want to get back on track, the following tips will help you make your sleep patterns better and to be more productive and active during the day.

Have an active day

It is very important to have an active day if you want to have a sound sleep at night. Try to be on your feet throughout the day and avoid mid-day naps for more than twenty minutes. Inculcate exercising in your routine and make sure that you hit the gym, go for a run or walk or do any kind of exercise daily at least for forty minutes. Regular exercise will help your body to relax and release tensions and will help you sleep at night. However, avoid working out at night and keep the schedule for exercise sometime during the day.

Get out of the bed as soon as you wake up

Staying in bed after waking up increases the laziness and can make us slow. Try not to put the alarm on snooze and wake up as soon as it goes off. It also increases the chances of going back to sleep that can disturb your daily routine and your sleep pattern.

Use your bed only for sleeping

Most of the students spend half of their lives on their bed. They use it for studying, watching movies, talking on the phone and sometimes eating as well. This attitude disturbs the mind’s association with the bed as a sleeping space and when you lie down to sleep, it doesn’t give the required signals. Keep your bed exclusively for sleeping only and avoid any other kind of activity on it. Make sure it is comfortable, clean, well-kept and make debugging a must at least once a year.

Detach yourself from gadgets at least an hour before bedtime

We live with different kinds of gadgets and are dependent on them. Our days are spent in front of computers, we spend our free time with our mobiles and they are the last thing we see at night and the first in the morning. Being in contact with a digital screen while you are in bed is the worst thing you can do to disturb your sleep. Keep the phone away at least an hour before to digitally detox your mind and try to switch to other methods of spending the time until you do not fall asleep. Reading or listening to music can be better alternatives.

Have a routine

Have a daily routine and schedule your day. Stick to the routine throughout the week with exceptions on the weekend. However, make sure that you have a fixed routine that includes your bedtime to train your body to relax and fall asleep when it is time. With a disturbed routine, your body and mind do not get the required signals that result in late bedtime and laziness the next day.

Eat at least two hours before bed

Do not go to bed feeling hungry but avoid eating right before bedtime as well. Keep a gap of an hour or two between bedtime and dinner so that it does not disturb your digestion and make you feel uneasy when it is time to sleep.


Make meditation a habit to relax your mind and body. Meditation before sleeping can be a good idea but you can do it any time of the day. Make it regular and you will feel the difference in your sleeping patterns and overall productivity during the day.