New technologies and systems can help grow your business, but what really matters the most is how you interact and work with your team. Developing natural charm and people skills isn’t something that can happen overnight. It will often take trial and error, before you can start building real connections. To quicken the process, here are a few ways that will help you build your people skills in no time.

Tell people what they want to hear.

To get a hold of someone’s attention, talk about their goals, interests, ideas, or experiences. This is a great starting point for conversation, and you will soon find yourself connecting to another on a deeper level.

Take a training course.

Don’t be reluctant to take a class on how to communicate more effectively. Investing in learning will pay off in both your personal and business life.The most powerful and influential leaders on the planet are master communicators. They understand how to take control of situations and know how to utilize persuasive strategies.

Be sure to show your appreciation.

Get into the habit of thanking others whenever they do anything to support you. Taking the time to say thank you will make people feel recognized and appreciated. The more you show that you care, others will leave with a better impression of you.

Give out sincere compliments.

When someone deserves a compliment, don’t hold back. If someone has a special trait, skill, or accomplishment, point it out. A simple compliment can help create feeling of recognition and value and your rapport will instantly improve.

Be honest and honorable no matter what.

Even when no one is watching, do the right thing. Building a positive business reputation starts with honesty. Your reputation can’t be bought, and must be earned with integrity and truth.

Identify and stand by your personal core values.

Your core values represent who you are as a person. What you believe in and stand for will guide your behavior. Honoring your core values will help you experience fulfillment in every part of life from personal to business.

Stay true to yourself.

When you stay close to your beliefs will be able to connect with other with ease. Pretending to be something you aren’t, is something people will be able to see through and make running a teaming or leading an organization difficult.