Every creation, every innovation, every moment of ingenuity and every bright and brilliant idea you have ever had, or will have, begins with a question.

Even when we don’t ask or ponder out loud, and even when questions aren’t formulated into precise words, whenever we create anything, our starting point is always an energy of wonder, a spirit of curiosity, and a sense of ‘what if?’

I believe we are naturally inquisitive beings. I believe that we all know on a deep level that questions have the capacity to expand any situation and make it greater. That’s because when we ask a question, and in particular the kind of questions I’m sharing today, we evoke our natural knowing — and we invite more possibilities into our lives.

It’s interesting that overall, many of us tend to be narrow in both the way we use questions, and the kind of questions we’re willing to ask. The way I see it, we’ve got the concept of asking questions way too tangled with the pursuit of needing answers! Not only that, but we limit the number of answers we’re willing to receive, often believing there’s only one ‘right’ or ‘best’ answer to a question. This really cuts us off from the infinite doors that questions can open for us.

I’d like to invite you to start asking a very different set of questions today, questions which are tailored to take you closer to the space of being you — which is the most amazing thing you can be. This means becoming more aware of who you truly are beyond all judgments and expectations; and then living — and creating — your life from the space of YOU, with gratitude, joy, and ease.

To begin, I have a handful of pointers to help you get the most out of asking these off-beat and infrequent questions:

When you ask, instead of expecting answers, aim to evoke awareness — and don’t predict how, when or where that awareness will come to you. It might be straight away; it might be later down the line. But it will come — if you trust that it will. Simply ask, trust, and let go.

Be willing to be surprised. The awareness you get might not look at all how you thought it would… which is awesome! Let go of any expectations. The universe is so much better able to gift to us when we allow ourselves to receive anything and everything it wishes to give.

Don’t just ask a question… be the energy of it. Do this by being as loose, spacious, and open as you can when you ask. Not expecting answers and letting of expectations will help with this, as will adopting a general space of lightness and ease. Tap into the energy of curiosity and see where it takes you.

Question #1: Is this heavy or light for me?

Learning to use this one question, and recognizing the energies of heavy or light, is such a game changer. You can create your entire life with this — that’s how potent it is. Let me show you what I mean.

Have you noticed there are certain people and situations in life that weigh you down? While others give you a sense of lightness and ease? Think of the last time you were truly joyful, happy, radiant, peaceful, or inspired. Did you feel heavy or light? Light, of course!

When you’re being you, you’re as light as air.

Now what if you only ever chose to do, be, have or follow whatever you sense as light?

Question #2: Who does this belong to?  

This is probably the most wacky and infrequently-asked question I have for you — and that’s because it’s behind one of the biggest myths we’re sold in this reality: That our thoughts and feelings are generated by us, and therefore belong to us, and so we must understand them, analyze them, and probably go through years of therapy to deal with them. This is so not the case.

The truth is that almost all the thoughts, feelings, worries, judgments, conclusions, and limitations that are running around your mind at any time are not yours. It doesn’t matter where you picked them up — family, friends, society, culture… We’re not here for answers, we’re here to get free, and the freeing thing is that you can choose to let anything that is not yours go — at any time — by asking, who does this belong to — and sensing the weight lift away.

Similarly, you can ask, who am I being right now? Especially when you’re feeling cranky, or sad, or a little lost. Just being willing to ask is enough to snap you back into the space of YOU. 

Question #3: If I were truly being me, what would I choose?

This is a beautiful door-opener of a question. What I love about this is that you don’t have to know what ‘being you’ means in any concrete or definite way. In fact, it’s better that you don’t! Who you are, or who you be, is ever-changing and expanding and evolving, so my advice is to never try to pin it down or define it.

Just asking the first part of this question: If I were truly being me, taps into the knowing you have about you that goes beyond words, and leads so gracefully into the second part: what would I choose? Once again, you only need to put the question out there. Step into the space and energy of curiosity and be willing to perceive and receive whatever whisper of awareness you get. And then… choose it!

Question #4: What’s right about me that I’m not getting?

How often have you considered, labeled, or listed all the things that are wrong with you? Yeah, me too. We’ve all done it — so asking what’s right about us is, well — revolutionary!

The potency of this question lies in those last few words: What’s right about me that I’m not getting? It allows you go beyond the part of you that has practiced not acknowledging your gifts for most of the years you’ve been on the planet and get to the place where you have a much more spacious and truer picture of what is possible.

You can also rework this question slightly to: What’s right about this that I’m not getting and use it whenever you’re faced with a particularly difficult dilemma or seemingly impossible situation. What else is possible works well in those times, too. 

Finally, here are three extra questions you can use today to access even more possibilities, and to get even more of who you truly be:

      What if I didn’t have to fit in?

      What if I really liked me — what would be possible then?

      What if my difference is my greatness?

Ask, trust, and be willing to receive.

What if your life today is a result of the questions you asked — or didn’t ask, and the choices you made — or didn’t make, up until this very moment?

Reading this article was a choice — what if it’s a choice that changes everything? What if you truly acknowledged that creating the future you desire can begin with a single question?

And … what is that question?

I wish you a crazy amount of light bulb moments, gentle realizations, jaw-dropping inspirations, and a whole heap of fun on your journey, my friend. Go be YOU! 

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