There are two kinds of people who pursue their artistic passions, the ones who actively pursue the craft and the people who work behind the scenes. Mike Anthony is a familiar name in the independent music industry, not as an artist but as the CEO of MA Music and manager of the rising artist, Young Bleu.

Hailing from Mobile, Alabama, Mike Anthony always showed a genuine passion for music. Growing up, he fell in love with old school, R&B, and soul music genres. Although Anthony loved music, he had never considered pursuing a career in the industry. However, as fate would have it, the Alabama resident would find himself doing exactly that. Mike Anthony created MA Music Management, using his wits instead to help the next wave of artists cement their names.

Yung Bleu, also a resident of Mobile, Alabama, met Mike Anthony over seven years ago. It was their encounter that would spark Anthony to pursue a managerial career. Initially, he wanted to support and invest in the young artist as he believed that Yung Bleu had the skills, ambition, and vision to become a top artist. Instead, the artist expressed his desire to have Anthony as his manager. It was there that he started to learn the ropes, supporting Yung Bleu as they worked to put his name out there. 

“What might work for one artist might not work for another,” Anthony shared, showcasing the knowledge and experience he picked up over the years, “You have to learn as you go and continue to learn.”

Since taking on the responsibility, Mike Anthony has exhibited a laid-back approach to his managerial style. He allows his artists to take complete reins over their image and creativity, allowing them to present themselves to the world as their genuine selves.

As the CEO of MA Music and artist manager, Anthony is constantly looking for artists with potential. He is always on the watch for the underdog, artists with visions that others cannot see. “An artist with a passion for music and someone willing to give it their all,” he elaborated. Upon signing a new artist, Michael Anthony believes that building a strong rapport, trust, and loyalty is essential. “It’s not just about the music or shoving a contract in your face,” Anthony explained, “We have to have trust and loyalty like a family.”