Rachit Madan

Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.

We all find prominent and career-changing opportunities in places we never thought of! Ever since the inception of the internet, the number of job opportunities and business ideas has grown a lot in the past decade. Today, affiliate marketing is booming at a faster pace. But some people got associated with it when it was just making its mark in the business market. Rachit Madan is one of those few people who has been associated with affiliate marketing for quite a long time.

Rachit Madan started his career in affiliate marketing in the year 2009. At that time, he didn’t start it as full-time employment. He was waiting for his joining at Infosys.

If you’re under the impression that someone doesn’t like you for you, that’s perfectly okay. It’s not your fault they can’t see all the wonderful things about you! You should never feel like you have to change who you are in order to fit into a crowd. Understand that you’ll never be happy with yourself if you constantly compare yourself to others, and try to please everyone you meet.

He says, Every human being that has ever lived, or ever will live, is unique. You are truly one of a kind. Too many of us are so attuned to our daily life that we forget the first rule of standing out from the crowd. Get up from your desk, shake yourself out of your stupor, pull yourself to your full height and take strides when you are walking. Your gait is as different as your fingerprint. Make it your own by walking with purpose.

Too many people become less unique by not following up on their primary instincts. They decide to take the less risky road and ultimately end up wondering if they made the right choice at all. But to be unique, you must always follow up your instincts. That is always the one trait that separates geniuses and extraordinary people from the rest, be it Shakespeare or Steve Jobs. So since you are unique, why not celebrate that fact? Dare to be your own person and disregard what others may think says Rachit Madan.

Have you ever felt the power of being unique? When you say, “I don’t care. This is how I am and I love it!”, it adds a lot of weight to you and your personality. Owning your own unique character is an ultimate confidence booster. Don’t you believe? Try yourself for a day!

There are so many people who believe they aren’t enough. They hate that they’re different from the everyday crowd, and try so hard to be someone they’re not. However, being unique is something truly wonderful. No one can be quite like you, and that’s such a great feeling. You’re a likeable person, whether you realize it or not he quoted.