Very few people in the world today are able to live their lives to their full potential. It’s often a result of perseverance, hard work, and continually following one’s dreams and pursuits. These are the people who make a difference in the world and are believed to be self-actualized. Self-actualized people are often seen to be a great source of inspiration to everyone around them.

Matthew Sauvé, the multi-award winning actor from Toronto, Canada, has been through a similar journey towards self-actualization. He had to go a long way before he could follow his inner voice and pursue his passion in life. It’s stimulating to know that success does not necessarily come quickly, and the journey of Matthew gives a new ray of hope. As a child, Matthew enjoyed going to movies and dreamt of becoming an actor. However, due to his family being less inclined towards acting as a profession, he ended up pursuing a career in the police force. It was not until his early 30s that he decided to follow his passion for acting.

It all began with his ground-breaking performance in the auditions where he outperformed his peers and shone bright amidst the crowd. Matthew’s performance as ‘Travis’ in the movie “One Night Stand” proved to be a turning point in his career. Subsequently, he won multiple international film awards for his performances in movies between 2017 and 2019. Matthew has acted in over 40 movies and television productions till date. His lead performance in the music video, “Singing in the Rain” topped the U.S. charts on Ryan Seacrest’s weekly Top 40, and the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. Matthew has even impressed his audiences with standup comedy.

After following his passion and winning multiple film awards, Matthew Sauvé has reached a stage, where he has realized all his talents and potentialities. He has recently started conducting acting workshops for children. He says, “It’s something I love to do and feel good about giving back to the acting community. My aim is to nurture the talent and denote the very best ones.” Matthew connects well with youngsters who are more receptive and enthusiastic about learning the craft of acting. He wants to encourage and guide the young aspirants to pursue acting, which he never got during his formative years.

Matthew was discouraged at one point in time and afraid. Being human, he thought of giving up but didn’t; he kept his dream alive and strived for what he wanted. Today, he is the epitome of entertainment in Hollywood, and takes delight in mentoring young actors, while also offering them opportunities to showcase their talent. He strongly believes in creating a full circle whereby aspirants are not only nurtured and guided but encouraged to be a part of something special that moves the needle in the right direction.

His message to the aspirants is, “If acting is your true passion, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Your resilience to not get phased by rejection can only help you get closer to your goals.”