Ideaology, the revolutionary business platform is launching its prototype, and everyone is invited to try it out.

In light of the recent milestones achieved by the team, and most importantly, the prototype launch, we talked to  Amar Kovačević, Ideaology’s co-founder about where Ideaology is at the moment, and where it’s going. 

First, let’s talk about the most exciting news for Ideology at the moment – the prototype launch.

“After expanding the team and establishing the second HQ in Zug, Switzerland, the team had intensified work and we were all very focused on finishing the prototype. It’s been a long time and a lot of effort by our team, but it’s finished and ready to be tested. 

We are still adding functionalities and making edits, but we’re excited to hear the public’s opinion about the Active idea – Ideaology platform’s prototype. This is why we’ve created a feedback form, which everyone can fill out and let us know what they think about our prototype and give us constructive criticism and ideas for improvement. We want to get in touch with the people who will really be using the platform, and let them tell us what they need to make their life and job easier. After all, this is why we’ve created this platform in the first place.

Each part of the Ideaology community is important and we are focused on earning the trust and getting feedback from the three user groups: Innovators, Freelancers and Investors. Every user’s experience is important in order to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem.”

The next checkpoint for Ideaology, after the prototype is published and tested, is the launching of the Beta version, planned for the same time as the start of the pre-ICO stage – December 2020. Interested users will be able to pre-register even before the launch. 

Excitement is high among Ideaology team members. The project is taking shape, and the improvements it brings to the world of startups and remote work will hopefully be recognized by the users. 

The most important innovation Ideaology will bring to its users in Amar’s opinion is the specially assembled community which will make remote work and freelancing easier and more efficient than ever.

 “The feeling of a virtual market town is what we are going for, and we want to make everything available to community members on just one platform – Ideaology. Innovators and project developers will be able to find expert team members for their project, as well as get investments. Freelance professionals will be able to find part time or full time jobs, but also sell their work (art, templates, code…) to projects and individuals on the platform. Investors will find it easy to come in contact with development teams and choose a perfect project to back.”

Asked about the final shape Ideology will take at the end of development, Amar told us he believes Ideaology will always be improving and adding new options, keeping pace with the tech and industry innovations. However, for the foreseeable future, he sees Ideaology as a fully functioning ecosystem, where everybody can focus on their work, relying on other members of the community to also do their part, and through efficient cooperation on the platform create great solutions and start businesses, thus completing the full circle from idea to realization, while each member of the community is benefiting from one another. 

Ideaology platform will be open for all users worldwide, and transactions will not be limited to the IDEA token. Using IDEA tokens will, however, bring the users some nice benefits. 

Development in the next couple of years will be the most important and take the most effort from the Ideaology team, Amar believes:

“In the beginning, we will be focused on starting and developing blockchain projects, because of our experience in that field. Nonetheless, we plan to open the platform to all types of tech projects in the near future. 

I love the process of creating, and hopefully, soon after launch we will have a healthy community and continuous growth. With a great team already, and a big expansion planned, I expect we will achieve revolutionary innovation with Ideaology in the next couple of years. We have a lot of great ideas we plan to implement into the current version of Ideaology.”

As his personal mission with Ideaology, Amar wants to create equal opportunities with minimum risk for talented people worldwide. 

“I’d like for Ideaology to allow visionaries to have a safe and efficient launching platform for their innovations, without fear that corporations will steal their idea. I want the Ideaology platform to be a great place for freelancers, where they have everything they need to work, earn, meet each other and find employment and customers.”

As a young visionary entrepreneur himself, Amar thinks Ideaology will help people avoid the pitfalls of starting a business, which he’s had to face throughout his career. He wants to create a productive and supportive environment for people with great ideas and skills, connect them together, and let them benefit from each other’s work.