It’s the strongest pride, the debut of the stars and the stripes softly draped against the effect of an industriously cascading, wooden wall facing the president elect at a last, final goodbye as much as the populously designated field of flags first greeted upon the signs of a brand new home located just beyond the neighboring state border.

The call for wheels up versus all aboard uniquely breaks the fact of excelled, instinctive tradition and transition. The welcome mat appears relatively absent, yet still, poignantly and patiently presented in the wildly raging hearts of the selflessly dedicated, incoming administration. 

Filling the void characterizes 400 synchronized, glistening, dimly yellow, glowing lights equating to meaningful fireworks, in the name of Katy Perry, brightly shining on a typically chilly January evening, via the National Mall and accessorized by the Washington Monument. 

I may not have missed the most important part of the uniquely historic, individualized ceremony as much as placing due priority where needed, Senator Klobuchar, introducing President Biden post taking oath amidst the needlessly growing A-List star, celebrity crowd. ‘JLo’ and ‘Lady Gaga,’ for two, elegantly, eloquently dressed to the nines, professionally designed hair and all.

Work arrived directly on point, aka the discussed prevention of my witnessing maturely young poet, Amanda Gordon, beautifully reciting her effortlessly, celebratory, poetic words live on camera. I got lost in her vivid imagery, bravely speaking into two taller mics. The outfit did the talking, being just a mere, quick feet away from the Obamas. 

Regal presides in the availability of fashion, a rich elasticity, ranging in the fruitfulness of early spring, berry like, comforting, warm colors.

An opportunity of a lifetime is to partake in the first ‘Madame’ Vice President officially accepting the definition of her brand new role, a leader above towering heads and shoulders. Remarkable is a perfectly descriptive word. From one impactful woman to another, Judge, Sonia Sotomayor had the final say, so help her god. The future is female. Take a walk in her shoes.