Including Volunteer Work on Your Resume - Sarah Laud

For many people, volunteer work is the perfect complement to a resume: People who volunteer often demonstrate a solid work ethic and a commitment to helping out in their communities.

The Benefits of Volunteering

When we’re looking for a job, volunteer work can help us bridge gaps between jobs and even teach us about our strengths in the working world. At its best, volunteer work can even lead us to a dream career!

But how do you list volunteer work on a resume? After all, most volunteer work doesn’t fit into a typical job schedule; moreover, volunteer work is often less formal than work in your everyday office environment. That being said, there are quite a few ways to make your volunteer work stand out on a CV.


When listing your volunteer work on a resume, try thinking about specifics related to the work itself. How does your volunteer work relate to the work that you’re applying for? Don’t be afraid to be flexible in applying volunteering skills to traditional work skills: After all, work done in one environment can often apply well to work in another environment.

For example, someone who volunteers at a museum can emphasize their people skills on a resume. This is particularly true if the person spent a lot of time interacting with the public on behalf of the museum. People skills are very in-demand in today’s workforce; volunteering is a great way to hone interpersonal communication skills.


If you’re undertaking volunteer work, you’re already showing potential employers that you care about the well-being of your community. This is a great trait in would-be employees. On your resume, try pointing out specific ways in which your volunteer work has improved your community and has impacted the lives of people around you. The chances are good that this will count for a lot in the hiring process; moreover, you’ll show hiring managers who you are as a person.


Many, if not most employers, regard volunteer experience as a form of work experience in today’s world. And well, they should! Volunteering is an important facet of any community.

In other words, you don’t have to relegate your volunteering time to the bottom of your resume, where it might be looked over by hiring managers. Experience with volunteering provides you with important skills and demonstrates your work ethic and commitment to helping others. Be proud of the volunteer work that you’ve done! After all, it might just be the crown jewel of your CV.