Reading is a process and for your child, to instill a love for reading takes time too. As a parent, we always want our kids to enjoy reading and develop a reading habits as they grow up. But, doing this needs dedication. Incorporating literacy into your kid’s everyday life must need reading strategies. 

skills day by day will surely help them in their future academic and life experience. As early as possible, incorporate reading into your child’s everyday life. They will not regret enjoying reading until they grow old. 

Moreover, some parents are putting this learning as a crucial part of their child’s development, the reason why they get reading tutor to add guidance to their kid’s reading needs. 

Here are some ways to help your child improve his or her reading skills at home.

Play With The Alphabet

The first step you must take is to let your child learn the alphabet by playing it in a fun way. The alphabet is the building block of literacy. Your child will benefit from a strong understanding of letter recognition and sounds as they learn to read. To make learning fun, you can play games to practice memorizing the letters and recognizing the letter sounds.

Spend time making this a daily activity and spend time creating a fun game you can do every day to convince kids to learn alphabets in a fun and interesting way. You can also ask your child to come up with a word that begins with the same sound as their name or an animal that starts with the letters you will give them. 

Put Books In Your Home

Encourage reading during the day, not just before they go to sleep. The more books your child has access to and the more they practice their reading skills, the better. Bring books along with you on grocery shopping, car trips, or even in the park. 

You can also build them a place where they can quietly read a book. This gives them a place to enjoy reading independently. The more books you integrate into your child’s daily activities, the more often he would choose to read independently. Having a variety of reading materials on hand will inspire your child to learn and help them develop their reading skills by introducing them to a variety of texts.

Read Together

Don’t just let your child read the books alone. It is more fun when you are also reading with them. You can create quality time with your kid and, more importantly, read books. Consider doing this every day to improve your child’s reading skills. 

In addition, by reading together, you can read aloud and let your child repeat what you have read. This actively engaged your child in texts and can develop your child’s confidence in saying the words he does not know how to pronounce.

Read the Same Stories Over and Over

Reading stories every day creates development in a child’s mind about the letters and the words he encounters. But reading the same stories over and over can help them understand what they hear, which gives them exposure to and experience common sight words.

Ask Questions as You Read

Make reading time interesting by asking questions to your child about the story he read. You can ask them the five Ws (who, what, where, why, and when), basic questions about a character, the setting, or open-ended questions like, “What do you think will happen next?” Encourage your child to use notes or a question tracker to keep track of their questions while reading for independent reading.

Be A Model In Reading

Children imitate what they see, so if they see you reading on a regular basis, they will be more interested in doing so themselves. Even young children who do not yet know how to read can explore texts by looking at pictures and pointing to things that interest them. The more your child sees you reading, the more likely they are to see reading as a fun daily activity.

Find the Right Books For Their Level

When your child is reading independently, it is important to determine the appropriate level of complexity for their needs. Ensuring that the book they read matches their level is vital to help them learn without thinking that it is too hard, boring, or not for them. Many schools employ a leveled reading program that can inform you of your child’s current reading level. Get this information, so you know how to assess your child in his reading needs.

Online Reading Tutor 

If you are a busy parent, you cannot always be there for your child’s daily reading activities. To ensure that they still get to learn reading, an online reading class can help your child level up their reading skills. 

Reading is not only an important academic and life skill, but it can also be a fun way to unwind, learn about current events or topics of interest, and bond with your family. 

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