At the end of your job interview when the hiring manager asks “Do you have any questions?” and you reply, “No, I’m all set.”

You just hurt your chances of getting that job.

You’re probably thinking, “J.T. if my interview went well, not asking a few questions can’t jeopardize my chances of getting the job…right?”

While every hiring manager and candidate is different, this is a red flag to some employers. Recently, a hiring manager shared some insights with me on this topic:

“I have many candidates meet with me as the final interview. When I ask them what questions they have, I’ve too often heard, “Well, everyone else was great and answered them, so I’m good….” These people do not get offers. All candidates should look to get as much perspective (and even ensure they are getting consistent answers) for their own due diligence. Additionally, if someone doesn’t have an inquiring mind, they’re likely not a fit. End of the day, the closing interview typically means that the company is just about to provide an offer and it’s probably the easiest one in which to shine!”

To put it simply; when you ask questions and they are good questions, it’s a sign of a potentially GREAT hire!

What Should Your Questions Look Like?

In my online career growth club, I and the other career coaches teach every single one of our members the 4 Cs.

What are the 4Cs? They are:

Connect: Get to know the interviewer better.

Culture: Understand what type of professional works best at the company.

Challenges: Understand and clarify what the biggest concerns the management team has.

Close: Identify the next steps in the hiring process.

The One Question You MUST Ask In Your Next Interview

Before I tell you the question, I want to remind you of your role in this job interview.

Your intent should be proving to them that you are the candidate who can solve their problems and alleviate some of their pain. You are a business-of-one and you should always be thinking about how you can sell your services to a potential employer. How can you prove your worth? You ask this question:

“What’s the company’s biggest threat to success this year, and how will I be able to help overcome it in this role?”

This question is a gold mine. 

When the hiring manager answers this question they are literally telling you how you can meet and exceed their expectations. You can use their answer to share past experiences that relate to what they just said. This is another chance to reinforce that you understand completely what they need AND that you’re the best candidate for the position because of this.

Remember, It Takes Two To Tango (or in this case, interview!)

While you should expect to answer a lot of questions during a job interview, you shouldn’t be the only one speaking. You are interviewing them as much as they are you! 

It might be difficult to land a job interview, but don’t automatically assume that you’d be happy working at any company. Make sure the role and company are ones that you can see yourself growing professionally in! If this isn’t the role for you, that’s okay!

Feeling a little uneasy about preparing for your next interview? This is completely normal, and it’s why my team and I created a list of the most commonly asked job interview questions, you can download this for FREE here. 

Remember, asking smart questions like the one above helps you not only standout amongst the competition but allows you to understand if this is a job you’d truly enjoy and succeed in!

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