“Maintaining productivity in the virtual office is a big challenge. Managing time and organizing daily tasks is an arduous and constant task for those who work alone, right?” Says Manish Yadav.

The feeling of freedom often ends up being confused with the feeling that you can do whatever you want at any time since there is no figure of the boss demanding deadlines and deliveries. However, in order to be successful in the life of an individual entrepreneur, it is necessary to maintain high productivity, generate effective results and build your career in a solid and very well organized manner.

Opting for the virtual office instead of a home office is already a big step towards optimizing productivity since domestic distractions are eliminated and the work is completely focused. But in the virtual office, as in almost any work environment, you will also be subject to a number of other distractions, right?

Because it was thinking about it that today we decided to give you some tips on how to eliminate these obstacles to keep your attention on what really matters: your business and results!

Then check it out:

Take short breaks during the day

Nobody can spend 8, 10 or even 12 hours working incessantly a day without losing clarity of thought and agility in the processes. It is physically and psychologically impossible!

As the brain needs constant pauses to avoid feeling tired, take 10-minute breaks every hour of work or 15 minutes in the middle of the morning and afternoon to regain your energy and cool your head.

Take the opportunity to have a coffee and relax.

Create a task list

Increasing productivity is all about the very activities you do. Listing daily chores, ordering them according to priorities, for example, makes your life easier from the first minute of the day until the computer shuts down.

Therefore, try to make this planning always the day before, so that nothing ends up escaping the memory during the night.

Avoid harmful procrastination

It may even be that the task is not urgent, but it may end up accumulating with other activities if it is not solved now. Then, when you least expect it, you are already totally overwhelmed, stressed and, most likely, even late.

Therefore, always keep in mind that leaving it for later is nothing more than a temporary illusion, whose consequences will soon come. So, eliminate that bad habit from your life right now!

Resist the long lunch

A lunch hour does not seem like much, but if you want to maintain productivity, don’t get carried away by long lunches, which in no way contribute to the results of your enterprise.

The focus of this slightly longer break is to have a good meal and clear your mind to get back to work in full force.

Other than that, leave it after hours.

Use technology for productivity

Since the technology was created exactly to facilitate our daily lives, why not take advantage of it to improve productivity in the virtual office?

If there are already hundreds of applications that can optimize your performance at work, take advantage of them!

This is the case of Evernote, which makes it possible to maintain and share notes.  Feedly, to concentrate the most important work to perform team work remotely. It is definitely worth taking the test!

Maintain your quality of life

To maintain your productivity it is necessary, above all, to balance professional and personal life, maintaining a fixed work schedule to enjoy the other moments to walk with the family, meet with friends and carry out pleasurable activities. The relationship is super simple and obvious: the more rested and happy you are, the more productive you will be.

Which of our tips caught your attention the most and will be most useful in your day to day?