Many of us do not believe that it is possible to have a great time at a low cost: Especially during this season. Majority of us look forward to spending time with our family and friends; unfortunately, this comes at a cost. It is important that you keep a vigilant eye on your spending during this season. You should not fall prey to the emotional play many establishments use to make you overspend. There are many activities that you and your loved ones can engage in without breaking your bank. Below are a few activities you can take part in that will not hurt your finances.


Trekking helps you enjoy the outdoors, and a great walking holiday. Treks are conducted during the day or night: depending on your preference. You can hike during the day, and be back at the lodge for a comfortable bed and a hot meal. This is an activity that is enjoyed, best, when you are physically fit.

You can prepare physically by swimming, cycling, taking long walks and jogging. This ensures that your trekking experience is safe and enjoyable. You should take some time to; learn first aid, basic survival skills, and orienteering.

Mountain Biking

This is one of the best outdoor activities you can take part in. Mountain biking is an activity that involves riding a mountain bike over paths strewn with rocks or rocky paths. This activity demands a degree of stamina, physical strength, and a strong mountain bike. Mountain bikes are also referred to as all-terrain bikes. They are built from aluminum; this makes them light and easy to control.

There are many styles of mountain biking including cross country, dirt jumping, trails, trail riding, and all mountain trails. Cross country and trail riding are the most popular mountain biking styles. Core strength, balance, and endurance are required for this activity.


This activity involves a number of activities. They include descending, climbing, trekking and jumping across canyons. It is both a sport and leisure activity. This activity is mainly done in areas that are rugged and remote. This requires you to have navigational and wilderness skills.

Road Trips

You can have a great time by taking a long journey on the road. This activity gives you the opportunity of sampling and appreciating the beauty of your country. RVs are perfect for this kind of endeavor. By using an RV, you will be able to tag along with your friends and family for the trip. It will save you the cost of boarding and many other things. Once you arrive, you can easily find a cheap RV storage facility; this saves you some money.


A picnic is a meal that is taken outdoors. It usually forms part of an excursion. A picnic should be done in scenic surroundings such as lakesides and parks. It can also be done in conjunction with events such as open-air –theater performances. Summertime is the most ideal time for picnics. You can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The idea of a picnic is to enjoy a meal that was jointly contributed to. This affords you the opportunity to enjoy a meal as you bond with your family and friends.


This activity can be done as both a hobby and a sport. It involves catching fish in the wild. This is a great way of enjoying the great outdoors. Fishing is very relaxing; it helps your mind move away from day to day pressures of life. For you to engage in fishing, you will need to invest in fishing equipment and gear. You may also need to learn how fishing is done if you are a novice.

Apart from saving you money, these activities help you enjoy your surroundings while exercising your body. Experts say that taking part in these activities helps you enhance social and cognitive abilities.