We have been in incubation, not quarantine.

Sometimes surprises come in small packages and other times, as is in the case of the year twenty-twenty, they arrive in a jumbo-sized box with a flaming red bow on top.

No one would argue that the events of 2020 have been anything but ordinary. And never has the world experienced such a global shutdown.

But with a positive mindset some will argue in support of the amazing and extraordinary gifts preparing to be birthed from this period of rest.

The first gift is for us to see the stillness as an incubation, rather than a forced quarantine. Words are potent and the term quarantine brings with it the gain of fear and the loss of power.

But by seeing it for what it truly is, a time of incubation, we can be patient and allow for the excitement for what’s to come.

The definition of incubation refers to the development of the embryo under favorable environmental conditions. We have experienced such favorable conditions as added time for meditation, connection with others, stillness and a slower pace. Our incubation period has allowed us to rest, develop and get ready to be birthed into existence anew. 

Since the moment we’ve nested in our homes we have been moving closer to our our coming out party.

But although I am confident in what the incubation period means for the future of the world, it has proven to be a difficult belief for others to adopt. My level of excitement and patience over what we will experience in the future is sometimes met with understandable resistance related to the pain and loss many have experienced in the present.

I’ve kept my voice small and quiet with my knowing and only shared with a select few of my clients, friends and family. But recently I realized that keeping small only leads to more smallness and there is no room for small where we are headed.

It’s time for truth. For authenticity. For trust. For going big. For acceptance. For release of judgment. For collective support. And for abundant thoughts.

Abundance breeds abundance.

We are being gifted the time to learn and practice how to support those who are hurting and grieving. We need to find our voice and prepare during this time of incubation because not only will we soon rise, but we will rise stronger and more powerful than ever before.

There need not be a new normal. There needs only to be birthed anew.

Not everyone will understand this mindset but the good news is that everyone can. We all have the ability to shift and choose how we think every minute of every hour of every day. By shifting into a higher vibration of thinking we attract a higher vibration of actions from the world. We become the CEO of our thoughts and learn to respond, rather than to react to the situations and people in our life.

This time of incubation has provided us with the rehearsal we need to create new, healthy habits and to open the door for more: Developing. Growing. Shifting. Changing. Loving.

We aren’t yet ready to leave our incubation nest but we are getting closer.

So rest up because it won’t be long before you will be be cracked open and birthed anew.

Our coming out party is coming soon!


  • Jennifer Kupcho

    Spiritual Mindset Coach, Podcaster, Blogger, Teacher and Channeler of Angels

    Authentic Splendor Coaching

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/healthywomanmanifest/ “When joy is non-negotiable, enlightenment is your reward!”   Jennifer channels angel messages, creates oracle cards, coaches women and creates courses with a spiritual foundation. You can find references from A Course in Miracles, Marianne Williamson, Gabby Bernstein and Brene Brown throughout her teachings. Through her online community, blog and podcast, Jennifer shares tools to support women in releasing old beliefs in order to live their life in AuthenticSplendor®; full of joy, love and happiness. Jennifer believes that happiness is our birthright and authenticity is the key to returning to it. She teaches her clients how to use EFT tapping, essential oils, meditation, journaling and angel writing. According to Jennifer it is not the words we say, but rather the energetic connections we create that gives us the balance, alignment, gratitude, love and joy we seek.