Best known for the 2020 crime-action thriller film Outrage, Sandeep JL is an Indian-American actor, director, fight choreographer, martial artist, and writer who moved to the United States with a single goal in mind: Hollywood. 

As his feature-film is about to hit the public by the end of the pandemic, and because of his growing responsibilities in his chosen craft, Sandeep makes sure that he maintains both a sound mind and body to keep him ready for what may come his way. 

A Sound Mind as His Weapon Against Stress 

“Independent filmmaking is extremely difficult. When you don’t have a big production studio to back you up, it’s extremely difficult to make the film. Especially an action film. It’s very stressful. You have to put extreme amounts of time, energy, and thoughts into this process,” Sandeep said. 

But more than using skills or talent, the artist considers his craft to also be a mind game where he must have mental strength to face difficult decisions and situations. 

“Since I am a martial artist, over the years I trained my mind to focus on my goals. Martial arts training helps me to overcome the stress. Martial arts for me is not just an art; it’s a lifestyle. It became the part of my life that I can’t even avoid. It keeps you disciplined, keeps your body and mind healthy. The training conditions your body and mind to face the most difficult situations in life,” Sandeep said. 

‘Sacrifice Results in Miracles’ 

One of Sandeep’s favorite quotes that he came up with to encourage himself is  “When you sacrifice yourself into something, miracles happen.”

“I always tell myself, if you want to be a highly successful person, you have to think like a philosopher. Not like an average person. When you think like a philosopher, you put yourself into a position where you can generate quality thoughts. You have to think a lot to mold yourself. And you have to figure out your own path that’s going to work for you to reach your goals,” Sandeep said. 

And when it comes to facing obstacles, Sandeep believes that these challenges will stop him only if he lets them. 

“If your passion is real and true from the heart, no one can stop you. You will get where you want,” he said. 

Sandeep recently announced that his next film will be a psychological action thriller film starring Hollywood veteran actor Robert LaSardo, Thai martial arts actor Simon Kook, who is famous for his elevator fight in Ip Man 3, along with international martial arts star Donnie Yen. 

Filming will start in spring 2021. 
Learn more about Sandeep and his ventures by visiting his IMDb or Instagram pages.