Michael Giannulis

Wellness does not only include physical well being. It is the total of all dimensions of health physical, mental, social, and emotional. Together, all of these either make or break a person. The requirements of humans comprise of various dimensions of health. You are healthy if you are at peace with yourself. For example, enjoying the present without looking backward or forwards. Wellness is not only about a healthy body but also about how comfortable you are with your body. This is mind and body coordination. However, although you connect well with the world outside, you sometimes may feel very alone. Therefore, it is important to analyze overall wellness.

A few dimensions that impact overall wellness are as follows:

Self-responsibility according to Mike Giannulis

Self-responsibility is about being responsible for one’s self. It is knowing your requirements and how to fulfill them, accepting your weakness, and realizing that you are unique. It also includes your comfort level when you are with others and your ability to express yourself to the world through effective communication.


Self-love is the most important thing. Knowing and loving yourself the way you are, being your own best friend, and having faith in yourself during hard times is vital. Love and self- responsibility goes hand in hand. They are the foundation of life and wellbeing.


As soon as a child comes to this world, he or she breathes. While it is possible to survive without water and food for a few days, it is impossible to live without air, even for a few minutes. The air you breathe is transported to different parts of your body, giving you energy. When you breathe comfortably, you feel clarity in your lungs. Living healthy can help you relax and give you a better sense of well-being. You may face difficulty breathing due to emotional changes such as anger, excitement, fear, or pain. Tight outfits also hinder breathing. Therefore, one must recognize these factors to ensure smooth and steady breathing.


All the senses that you have: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch make your life meaningful. The feelings of pleasure and pain are due to these senses. Exposure to inappropriate external objects can lead to the impairment of your senses.

Senses play a significant role in your life so it is vital to take care of them. When there is a problem in the body, your body will send signals. Make sure to understand these signals and respond to them.


An unhealthy lifestyle may provide instant gratification but adversely affects your health in the long run. Loss of a balanced diet and negative eating habits results in poor nutrition, leading to several lifestyle disorders. Eating the wrong food at the wrong time leads to digestive issues and stomach infections.

You should eat local and healthy food to keep your body active and well-nourished. As the famous saying goes, “if you do not take your food as medicine, you will have to eat your pills as food.” Please do not focus on the weight but the underlying issues that this brings along,

Some additional aspects of wellness

The importance of movement, explained by Mike Giannulis, reminds you to have a routine that keeps you motivated. Your body consists of more than 600 muscles and when you move, muscles gain strength. One must try to stay active. A body that lacks movement becomes a storehouse for infections and stress. Energy extracted from the food you eat is utilized when your body is active, otherwise, it is stored as fat. For every half an hour of sitting, you should stand or move for at least one minute. To make your motions better, you need to move more and sit less.