¨Follow your dreams¨

Walking into the floor of the Orlando Convention center during the opening day of the International Association of Amusement Parks and attractions, you could only feel the excitement and inspiration from some of the + 38,000 people attending. From the big parks, Six Flags, Universal, Disney to some of the smaller parks from around the globe. What do they do? They bring together people from around the world who develop experiences for families to bond, enjoy and dream

Who can deny the influence of Walt Disney on our culture, a great visionary, entrepeneur, artist who has inspired millions of people to follow their dreams.

The most important thing about the amusement park industry is how it unites families. My wife still talks about the trip she took five years ago with all of her family. I am talking about 25 people, the younger one 7 years old, the oldest one 70. 

I will never forget when I was 15 and my dad took my brothers and I, we also have amazing memories of that trip. You can go to the movies, you can go to the beach, museums, shopping malls and many other entertainment places.

In the hectic world we live in, where everyone is running around, so many tragedies happening, there is no better place to bond with your family and dream of amazing things. 

Take care and always Dream Big!

Juan de Lascurain