VPNs or Virtual Private Networks are a great way to access the internet with an element of privacy. Many governments, colleges, and other organizations block access to various informative sites for their own reasons. However, a VPN connection can help you get through the blocking software with ease. Students can also use them for online assignment help. The premise is pretty simple really. 

Using the internet via a virtual private network will effectively enable you to acquire an all-new IP address courtesy of your VPN service provider. It will allow you to appear from another place than the one you are from, effectively skirting all regional restrictions. This way, your browsing history would not be traced by inquisitive authorities. Let us see why you need a good VPN connection for your college projects and another usage:

  1. Textbooks can be very expensive

This is the digital age. The idea of purchasing textbooks costing hundreds of dollars each, when you are already struggling with student loans is absurd. This holds particularly true when they are available online and ready to be downloaded, except for the restrictions placed by your college! However, a super-fast VPN is your best friend in such situations. Not only can you find your expensive textbooks but download them at will, thanks to the unrestricted access provided by your VPN connection. This way, you will be able to both find and download not just textbooks alone but also, scientific articles, and keynote conferences on several sites dedicated for precisely this purpose.  In short, your VPN connection will ensure that you will be able to utilize the full spectrum of online resources without forking 100s of dollars for a handful of books. 

  1. Access locked content safely and securely 

“This site is not available for viewing in your country.”

This is a common sight when you are studying at a college that has blocked anything and everything from YouTube to Pinterest. It can become pretty annoying as you lose touch with your old friends and families or need a bit of light entertaining content.  This can also restrict you from accessing important content that you need for your assignments.  Once again, a solid VPN connection will come into the picture to save the day. It can easily navigate through all sorts of area and region blocking software. Just make sure you choose a server from a country that has not blocked access to the sites you need. This can also apply to students studying remotely. 


  1. Live stream your favorite content without any hindrances

Sometimes, internet speeds suddenly become excruciatingly slow. This might be due to something known as ‘throttling.’ This usually happens when the internet administrator or the ISP deliberately slows down your net connection to a trickle. This can be very annoying, to say the least. Suppose you are in the middle of a Netflix binge session and the video just keeps buffering indefinitely. But even worse, suppose you are giving a virtual viva exam and your net starts playing up! A VPN will ensure this does not happen. 

  1. Varsities often restrict many popular websites

Many universities and colleges allow access exclusively to education-related sites only. This means the total blockage of social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, and the like. Ergo, you can’t take that popular quiz on ‘what kind of potato you are,’ nor can you participate in various other online social media activities. If you want to continue running your Facebook page and put your pictures on Instagram – live from the classroom, you will need a VPN connection to do so. However, make sure that you get a fast one so that you will be able to upload your videos and pictures in real-time. 


  1. Always check the reviews of the VPNs available before installing them 

Not all VPNs are created equal. You will need a comprehensive VPN review before you can start using your ideal one. You can find such reviews online on the apps themselves and via social media networks. 

Modern Learner

To understand why e-learning is the tool of choice for corporate training. Today’s learners want personalized content at their point of need. Since they are mostly on the move, they prefer being able to access content anytime and from anywhere. There are too many free learning opportunities that would lead students to higher knowledge.

  • Conclusion

Students already have to juggle their studies with their loans and extra-curricular activities. A VPN can make life a whole lot easier by giving them access to all the resources they require to excel in their studies.