Mimi Novic is one of today’s most respected inspirational wellbeing lifestyle coaches and self awareness teachers. She is highly regarded internationally in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth. Mimi works as a therapist, complementary medical practitioner, life coach, voiceover artist, author and motivational speaker. She teaches and runs workshops and seminars in holistic therapies, alternative medicine and self awareness, working around the world in clinics, retreats and on a one to one basis.

Mimi has specialised and devised a breathing technique, called “Healing Breath Peaceful Soul” which is a method of deep meditation and spiritual awakening for mind, body and soul through the power of breath which is used by therapists and individuals worldwide.

Mimi has been honoured to receive several awards for her work and the most recent is the Lift Effect Star Award. She is amongst 99 amazing women from across the world who were honoured to receive this accolade for contribution to humanity. Lift Effects hosts conferences, seminars, workshops and provides a speaking platform for those extraordinary people to share their stories, with the intention of planting the seed of hope, passion and encouragement in every person there to reach for their dreams, believe in themselves and help others become great.

Mimi’s spiritual and thought provoking writing, as well as her wellness and motivational work, led her to create a series of audio compositions, which take the listener on a mystical journey of self-healing and reflection. Aspiring Hope Music came to life through the many requests of clients, patients and other therapists, who expressed a need to have guided audio meditations and also music only works, that they could use for their clients and also individually for themselves.

The Aspiring Hope series beautifully harmonises her inspirations with soul enlightening music, which gently ignites the power of the discovery towards self-awareness. Her albums provide inspirational messages and meditation music for relaxation and motivation. She has releases six albums in which are available on iTunes Amazon and other major music sites. She is currently working on two new albums which will provide a sanctuary of peace for every listener.

Mimi is one of the bestselling authors of today and is ranked amongst the top names in inspirational, motivational and spiritual books in the world. She supports many charities with her work and one of those being The Princes Trust, which is a charity set up by His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales. You can order her bestsellers The Silence Between the Sighs, Your Light Is The Key and Guidebook To Your Heart today on amazon and enjoy the journey of self discovery.