Inspirational Leader

What does it mean to be an inspiring leader?An inspiring leader is someone that people follow, if you’re a leader and nobody’s following you, you’re not really a leader or you lack leadership skills. Think of the world’s most inspiring leaders, who are inspiring leaders throughout history? 

How can you become an inspiring leader? How can you have more impact on the employees in your life? More Influence on people all around the world and more income that you can enjoy the finer things in life.

3 Tips on How You Can Become An Inspiring Leader

1. Very Clear on Your Mission, Your Vision and Your Purpose.

What is the mission that you are here to embody on the earth? 

  • We’re in business
  • You’re a leader
  • You want to make money

That’s not going to inspire many people. John F. Kennedy didn’t say we’re going to the moon because it’s going to make me a lot of money. Martin luther King didn’t say I have a dream and that’s to make a lot of money. This represents an established attribute of the two, this example is required for us to create better understanding out of it.

That’s the point, it’s not that we don’t want to make money, but we have to have something bigger like the integrity and mission at by Noah is to eliminate not enoughness from the world. For some that’s like, who cares about the passion, who cares if you feel inspired or you have the power to lead.

For others, that’s really inspiring because it can make the argument that most human problems come from the belief of not enough. You have the qualities of a successful model, you provide true motivation in every person and you have the ability to lead people in positive commitment which became an inspiration with some people.

  • Not enough time
  • Not enough money
  • Not enough love
  • Not enough abundance
  • Not enough resources
  • Not enough water
  • Not enough land

We can make the argument that most human conflict comes from this belief and not enough. That’s the mission, to eliminate not enough. If you buy into that mission great, if you don’t, great, but the point is people on the team are on board on that mission so you as the leader you gotta be very clear on your mission.

Focus on the job and the role as you build the strengths of your mission and find the meaning of every individual’s capabilities.

2. You Tell Stories

You gotta tell inspiring stories that are connected to your mission. Position yourself as a future realism picture that has highly challenges and shortcomings in life, ideas like tell a story of growing up poor in a rich neighborhood and how that taught me the difference between the haves and the have not, the houses, everyone else, the community to have knots in my family. 

From a very young age I hated not enough,  that’s what I grew up in. I grew up in a family of not enough and yet down the street I saw that there was great wealth and abundance, I said this sucks what can I do about it?

How will I invest in living in success if I can’t think of attributes of consistently supportive people. Isn’t that what entrepreneurship really having a vision is always all about seeing a problem. 

A human problem and working to solve it that’s what Dr. Martin Luther King did in I have a dream, that’s what his I have a dream speech is all about, that’s what John F.

Kennedy did to bring a man to the moon and bring it back safely to the earth by the end of that decade. Abraham Lincoln abolish slavery and on you can literally say the leader’s name and understand in a moment what their vision was and also the stories that they told about it.

Abraham Lincoln, a nation divided or a house divided against itself cannot stand and all of the great quotes from JFK and Martin Luther King and all the great leaders.

Throughout history Winston Churchill and George Washington and on, tell stories related to the mission and to your vision. Aspire on modeling relevant spikes to generate and promote the movements you want to establish.

3. You’ve Got To Get In The Trenches With Your People.

You’ve got to roll up your sleeves and be willing to do the work alongside them.  That’s what makes leaders like Elon Musk inspiring to many people because he gets down into it, he rolls up his sleeves, he wants  to be an astronaut, he wants to go to mars and he’s helping the human race get to that next evolution of humanity.

You’ve got to double the moments you have with your employees, don’t accept single praise, let your people be on your success. Your people, employees, and coworkers, they are with you during your ambitious stage.

When you pursue your standards, hope for your company, when your curiosity leads to practicing and establishing that common grounds and benefits with your people.

The point is, not everyone’s gonna agree with them but are you willing to do the work as the leader? George Washington was always on the front lines with his troops he had at least three to five horses shot out from under him and his generals.

His lieutenants would beg him stop getting on your horse, we need you George, you’re gonna get shot and he never did. He had three horses shot out from under him, fortunately for America.

He didn’t get shot but what I mean is he was in the front, he wasn’t cowering in the back. you’ve got to be the leader willing to do the work, that’s not to say you should do everything, there’s a very fine line between being willing to do the work and also delegating. 

That’s one of the things that we help our Inner Circle clients with is this whole process of delegation because there comes a point in your business where you can’t do everything when you’re starting out in your business, you have more time than money and then all of a sudden you’re making money but now i don’t have any time.

It’s not that you’re gonna do everything and that’s why you have to have the systems and processes in place so that you can delegate effectively and that’s one of the things that we help our 30k Income Clients with Inner Circle Clients with Noah as well.

Resources are available for you, you too can have more time, more  energy, better relationships, and more money, and if you want my team to do all this for you get put all this in place just go to and apply to be one of our inner circle done for you.

Motivating Employees Through Goal Setting

In the real world, competition is at a high level, a lot of people are leading, direction  can be crucial and developing experience to gain opportunities to some companies are critical for development and responsibility of an individual.

However, behaviors, values and traits of a person is a core key to grow in communication, be motivational, may gain engagement, may develop positive performance in an organization. 

Every employee has goals to motivate the truth in the quality of actions and be able to trust the process of growth to support personal action inside the organization. The truth is, the culture inside the organization and the leader shows what followers they have.

If organizations have the talent to encourage customers and accomplish effective excellence, then an organization has the spirit and principles of a great organization. Leaders must be challenging the employees but offer them gratitude and respect, recognizing the contribution and accomplishment in an honest tone. 

Let yourself as a leader be engaged in watching with sense and safety habits to compromise specific attitudes and environment towards your employees and the workplace.

Remain passionate and give rewards in positivity to foster the drive to learn that creates excellent ways to increase strong and unique managers. Listening is a great way to achieve a set of change, it helps the mind to demonstrate with care and behave in a competitive way.

People are learning to move with complete honesty, chance  and breakthroughs, let’s make that mindset filled with attributes of a positive leader.


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