Below you will find our collection of quotes about health and wellness that will inspire you to keep your mind and body healthy so you can live a happy, healthy, and successful life.

A healthy body needs a healthy mind too..

  1. “Good physical health requires good mental health.” – Nitin Namdeo
  2. “The greatest gift you can give yourself is a healthy body and a peaceful mind.” – Nitin Namdeo
  3. “When you are happy you attract more health.” – Nitin Namdeo
  4. “Invest in your health, it will give you a happy life in return.” – Nitin Namdeo
  5. “Always take care of your body as much as you do when you are sick and you will never be sick.” – Nitin Namdeo
  6. “A healthy body can buy you gold and silver but gold and silver cannot buy you a healthy body.” – Nitin
  7. “There is no such thing as aging, if you have control over what food you give to your body and what information you feed to your brain, you will always be young.” – Nitin Namdeo
  8. “If you find a way to stay healthy and young for a lifetime, you will never want to die.” – Nitin Namdeo
  9. “Healthy and happy life is a successful life.” – Nitin Namdeo
  10. “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” – Joseph Pilates
  11. “He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.” – Thomas Carlyle

12.“It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.” – Aristotle

  1. “The groundwork of all happiness is good health.” – James Leigh Hunt

Let your body be your holy temple.

– Lailah Gifty Akita