“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood”. —Marie Curie

2020 is nearing its end. Many people dream of different life in 2021 wishing Covid as a bad dream in the night. Statistically, the cases hit 66.84 million, deaths at 1.53 million and recovery at 46.23 million as of 5 Dec 2020. People lost their jobs, changed careers, and went into ‘what’s next?’ questioning mode every day. The business and economic landscape changed a lot with uncertainty and doubt.

Human resolve prevails. There are many centenarians who recovered completely. The home took the center stage whether it is working from home or studying from home. The empty office building and traffic-free highways reminds the stark reality of the situation.

Many took an incredibly positive attitude and started caring for their own health. The empty shelves of toilet paper rolls in supermarkets saw people limiting their purchases or willing to share the extra stuff if the last stock is taken. Social media is full of stories where the spouse made an entertaining attempt to keep the better half happy through singing in the street or camping outside the building. Marriages made short and spending budget allocated to charity. Medical professionals worked tirelessly risking their own life and health. There are instances of medical resources continue working even when someone close to them have died that day.

‘Age is just a number’- got revalidated. Senior citizens went back to work as medical professionals, started teaching online classes or learnt the video conferencing technology quickly. People say the glass is either half full or half empty. But many jumped in to say it is refillable!

There are many inspiring stories across the world that enlightens that life need to be lived once again. Take every day as a blessing and count your blessings! Compilation of such stories have been released as a book in Amazon with two parts. First part till June 2020 and the second one covering till December 2020. They are available under the author link.

Author Link: amazon.com/author/mattravikumar

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