Bhanu Srivastav is an incredible and aspiring thriller book writer known for his best-selling novel “Hacker 404 Happiness not found”. He aims to relay motivational messages through his work and bring enjoyment and thrill into other people’s lives. His unique approach to writing is the thing that makes his books stand out from the rest. His stories and characters are slightly different from the usual and generic ones because of his extensive experience in the Engineering & Technology field and specialization in Information Security, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

In 2019 he was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), Insomnia and severe depression. Without losing hope, Bhanu went through hundreds of psychiatric sessions and therapies and came out as a bestselling author. He started writing his Book Hacker 404 Happiness not found during his treatment and it became a milestone in publishing Industry in India. Let’s know about his inspirational journey from nobody to a bestselling Author.

Thrive Global: You are an engineer, a banker and have specialization in IS Security, how writing came into the picture?

Bhanu: For me, writing is a way to release my complex and often convoluted thoughts occupying my mind while releasing the stresses felt throughout the day. Not only does this take the perceived burden off his shoulders, it provides me a method in which to discover my true self while finding a deeper hold on life. In simple language everyone has a story, some are written on papers and some are buried deep inside hearts. I am just bringing out those buried things.

Thrive Global: First of all congratulations for the grand success of you novel Hacker 404 Happiness not found. How did you thought it will be a huge success in this much small time?

Bhanu: Honestly, No. When I was writing this book, I was focussed on researching and writing my best piece because writing industry is a heavily competitive one. There are writers who sells millions of books in few months. I didn’t had the resources for marketing my book, a grand launching event, celebrities to endorse my book. All I had was my writing. So I wrote hundreds of drafts to reach the final one and submitted manuscript to the publishers.

Thrive Global: Wow that’s great. How many publishers got ready to publish your work?

Bhanu: No one (Laughing)

Thrive Global: Then?

Bhanu: I got sad that years of my work is of no use. But my friends suggested me to go for self-publishing. I went ahead and rest is the history.

Thrive Global: You have been suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder, Insomnia, and other mental illnesses. Did these things create hurdle in your writing?

Bhanu: No. In fact, these things was the reason I started writing, to removeburden from my brain which I was carrying from years. My friend and colleagues helped me a lot to recover from these.

Thrive Global: Tell us something about your professional career at your workplace.

Bhanu: I joined Syndicate Bank on 2nd July 2014 as a clerk. After working few years as a clerk, I was promoted and transferred to Corporate Office. Starting with Business Processing Reengineering and Innovation Department in Bank, I acquired experience of working in various departments like Human Resources, Industrial Relations and Apex Centre of Excellence. Side by side, I completed two post graduate degrees in the process. While working I also completed over a hundred certifications from The International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, New York Institute of finance, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF), Indian Institute of Management (IIM-B), National Stock Exchange (NSE), National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology (NIELIT), among others. At present I am working on developing Smart AI Chatbots using IBM’s Watson program to automate support systems.

Thrive Global: That’s exceptional! What are your hobbies?

Bhanu: Well, I love reading, cooking, and drawing.

Thrive Global: As Hacker 404 Happiness not found is already a success, is there any plan for it’s sequel?

Bhanu: No, Hacker 404 Happiness was a complete story, my next book will be launched in 2020.

Thrive Global: Okay, What’s the story of Hacker 404 Happiness not found?

Bhanu: It is a story of a Billionaire. When the enigmatic and shadowy billionaire, known only as Surya, emerges from a self-imposed exile to an expectant and attentive world, the media and general population go into a frenzied meltdown that was impatient for information.

Surya was a person shrouded in mystery and nobody had any palpable information about him. Surya’s story was big news for everyone but finding any information about this wealthy businessman was almost impossible.

Everybody was asking questions and wondering, where has he been for the past 7 years? What has he been doing? Why did he vanish without a trace? What does he even look like? How he became a billionaire… Until Sargam, a young and ambitious journalist decided to find out his secrets. She desperately wanted to find the truth about Surya because she sees this as the only way to save her failing career.

She starts the journey of her most complicated and problematic pursuits of a story as she searches for the answers to the elusive and reticent billionaire’s past, in a desperate race to reveal the secrets he has been concealing from the outside world.

Thrive Global: Oh my god! It’s an amazing plot, now I am feeling I must read it to know about what happened in the end of the story…

Bhanu: (Laughing)

Thrive Global: Would you like to give any message to people?

Bhanu: Yes, I want to say that whatever you are going through, never lose hope. God will always help you by meeting you in form of some people. Every morning you have two choices, either sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them… Thank You.

Thrive Global: Thank You Bhanu for giving your precious time and talking about your success journey and winning the battle of your mental illness. You are an inspiration for millions of people.

Bhanu: You are most welcome.