When we choose hope as our focus, it doesn’t mean we’re ignoring reality. When we choose to focus on positive possibilities, it doesn’t mean we are ignoring our environment. When we choose to focus on positive outcomes, it doesn’t mean we have our “head in the clouds.” For example, each time that we have gotten behind the wheel of a car, there was no guarantee that we would not get into a car accident. But did we get behind the wheel and say, “Yep today could be the day I get into a wreck”? No!! 

The not so great outcomes are needless to point out. Hopeful people get a bad rap. Positive people are often viewed as being unrealistic and not practical. If it’s easy and realistic to point out the bad, why can’t the positives be just as realistic?

Focusing on what we don’t want is energy sucking. It can feel like you are drowning or falling down a dark hole. Who wants to feel like that?! It also causes hysteria and rash decision-making that can cause you to wonder “Why the hell did I buy 50 fucking apples on Tuesday?!”

Choosing to focus on hope is not only realistic and inspirational, but practical. When we can focus on the positive outcomes, our minds are clearer to think in a responsible way. A clear mind allows us to make plans or make the necessary adjustments to the plans we already have. Living with a clear mind helps us take appropriate action to respond to whatever reality we’re faced with.

Inspire yourself by choosing hope for you and those around you.