What does this really mean?

I remember reading and studying this in “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles and wonder what he was talking about.

What it means is that when you take action of any kind, are you loving what you are doing? Are you excited and genuinely interested in the engagement?

When writing an email or offering a gesture of kindness, warmth, compassion, a willingness to listen and be engaged is all there is to it.

Can you think of an experience lately where you have engaged in this type of gesture? Or maybe you were the recipient of this?

The opposite of this lesson is it’s uncomfortable, and you don’t want to be in that situation at all.

An example of this positive experience, in my life, was my theory teacher. She saw something in me I had no idea existed. She always knew exactly the words to say, no matter how challenging the subject I was studying. There were many exams that I needed to repeat because I didn’t meet the criteria required to pass. Not once did she ever tell me that what I wanted to achieve was impossible. She is a woman who I will always carry in my heart with love, compassion, and great fondness. I was so grateful to have met her.

“Positive Emotions forms the side of the streams that carries one to Fortune.” Napoleon Hill

Andrea Biedermann