Great leadership comes from people who inspire others to be the best they can be. When leaders support their team, there is no end to what they can do and accomplish. Helping your team to reach their goals or even inspire goal setting in your employees is essential to instill growth within your company culture.

One of the most significant ways to instill a culture of learning and growth is by creating an environment that supports further education for your employees. There are many ways to do so even from the start of your hiring process will increase this type of culture in your business and create more leadership opportunities for your team as a whole.

When beginning to create a culture of learning, you can start by looking at your potential candidates before hiring. Reviewing their information on their application materials for any continuing education information and also, asking the right questions will automatically get the right people in the door. See what they want to get out of this job and how they would like to expand their knowledge as they begin their work in the company.

When you employee people who have projects of passion and the willingness to learn more, then you can create that learning culture around their ability to grow and expand upon knowledge and skill they may or may not already have.

One of the other great ways to incorporate learning into the culture is by making it a company policy. When your employees see that learning is policy and something that is offered, they will be more excited to see that their leaders and company is investing in them and providing them with the skills to be successful.

To continue the policy of learning in a business, you must also throw out any connotations of punishing your employees if they happen to fail. Employees will be hesitant to try something new if there are negative repercussions for the possibility of failure. Instead, reward them for stepping outside of their comfort zones and expanding their knowledge in trying new things, whether they fail or not. This will open the door for more opportunity and excitement for new things in the future.

Being a great leader means investing in your employees. Studies continue to show that providing a work culture that explores learning and giving your employees the tools they need to move farther in their careers will ultimately create success in the long run.

Originally published at on May 7, 2019.