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“To be open to creativity, one must have the capacity for constructive use of solitude. One must overcome the fear of being alone”.

It’s better off alone than living in a lousy society. It’s a true saying. Our community shapes us as a person. The people around us make a very big impact on our lives. Sometimes we are surrounded by daunting, bossy or negative people while other times people are polite and kind to us. It is totally up to a person as to how much he is letting society affect him. There’s absolutely nothing that can stop a person from attaining his goal if he is determined enough.

However, the question is not that we will win or not but did we give our best? As a basic human nature, we tend to complain about a lot of things we are unhappy with, but there are very few who actually accepts the reality and are willing to change it. Out of them, stands are young solo entrepreneur, breaking all the stereotypes are ready to build an empire of their own.  

Being your own boss is a no game. As fascinating it may sound, the reality is harsh. There are many success stories of people who have risen from the ashes, yet no one talks about the struggle and the hardships they faced. Once successful, your failure won’t count. Thus let’s talk about a few reasons which may inspire you and keep you determined in your journey of becoming a solopreneur.

Plan your vision

Before starting anything, you need to plan what your aim is and what do you want to achieve. Nobody becomes successful overnight; it takes forethought and groundwork to start something. Even if you are planning to set up your startup, you need to work on the idea of how big you want, and do you want to operate a proprietorship, or you wanted to register it as a one-person company? Do you want to brand your business or sell it eventually? You should first ask yourself certain questions and then proceed to execute your vision into reality.

Stay focused

The next thing to keep in mind is to keep your mind on the right track. You need to be focused regarding your work, your aim. You cannot lose your vision in the middle of the process. Teach yourself to focus on things. Although, working alone may sometime lead to moments where you can lose your calm but do not let that affect your work life. Take time for yourself, staying focus doesn’t mean that you have to focus on work 24×7 but you have to be aware of what your endgame is. You cannot afford to lose sight of your main goal.

Surround yourself with positivity

You don’t have to be aloof from the world if you want to be a solopreneur. However, it would help if you refrain yourself from negativity. When working alone, there are times when you have nobody to talk to, in such cases if you are surrounded with negative vibes you tend to feel low, and it makes you depressed. So try to be around things that fill you with positivity as a sane mind resides in a happy soul.

Master the art of communication

When you choose to master everything, then the most important thing you need to excel at is communication. To be seen you need to be out in the world. Moreover, to be out, you need people to communicate with. When you are handling everything from a technical department to developing to sales to marketing, you need contacts. Try to communicate with as many people you can and tell them your story, your vision. Seek advantage of these contacts to grow your business.

Always be ready to try new things

Always keep yourself open for new adventures and try to seek wisdom from wherever possible. Knowledge is something which cannot be taken away from you. It can only be acquired. Don’t be hard on yourself by being stubborn. Be ready to take new adventures, new risks. Step out of your comfort zone if you want to succeed. Every day try to learn something new; it will only help you to groom and make you a successful person in future. It’s not always necessary that you will continue working alone. Once you get the hang of things, you will eventually start working with people. Just do not forget your struggle and always try to be kind to people. If all you have ever wanted is to become your own boss, then lead with an inspiring example.


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