Do you overuse social media?

If so, it’s time to stop. Take a step back, and re-evaluate your time spent

Could you be doing something more important? Maybe you’ve got other obligations to take care of?

Your options are endless. And you won’t put them to use, until you analyze the successful!

Like Who?

How about Instagram influencers?

Don’t they have thousands (and sometimes millions) of followers?

Yet, they don’t obsess over it. They’re not addicted to sifting posts and updating statuses. And they’re massive successes.

Instagram influencers are people that balance online and offline life well.

How So?

This is what we’ll look at.

Below is a breakdown of “healthy social media use,” and how Instagram influencers embody it!

First – They Publish Limited Posts.

You don’t see daily posts from highly-followed people.

Those who do post brief notices. That is, they don’t give lengthy comments. Nor do they stir up drama!

And that’s because they save up their online energies for meaningful content. That is, they publish quality only!

Do the same. Don’t try to force posts that seem bland and “lacking in thought.”

Emulate That in Your Life.

Ask yourself a question…

Is your next post something a stranger would appreciate? Is it interesting enough to keep them on your profile?

Or does it bore them?

Basically, you’ve got to be beneficial. There’s no use constantly updating pictures and likes that no one pays attention to!

Second – They Don’t Sift Through Others’ Posts.

Because they have lives to manage.

Here’s the thing about Instagram influencers – they’re busy people.

Their social media is a supplement to their offline work. It’s just a marketing outlet to other passions they have!


Maybe you’re a model.

Maybe fitness, photography, and clothing interest you. Those interests can show well on Instagram profiles.

You gain many followers publishing unique content. And while you’re at it, you build a brand!

You don’t obviously invest the effort for empty fame. There has to be an ROI behind it!

And this leads us to the next point…

Third – They Profit From Social Media.

Instagram influencers are branding masters – AKA businesses.

They either have offline stores that they market. And they use their own personalities as branding strategies…

Or, they collaborate. They profit by being trusted, and referring to other trusted businesses.

Do You Do Either?

Probably not.

In fact, the time you waste on social media is costing you cash!

Just imagine how many thousands of dollars you lose per year.

If you were losing $10 per hour (assuming minimum wage), and you spent 4 hours on social media every day – that’s $40 a day.

That’s about $1200 a month, and $14,400 per year!

Now rack up that value over the years. And you’ll find yourself losing a new home in value!

How to Use It.

This really ties to the previous point.

Get offline, and get an activity. Then supplement it with social media to profit.

But who knows, maybe you already have that offline activity. And maybe you have a social media account!

In that case, you can adopt the 4th healthy habit…

#4 – Collaborate With Other Successes.

Don’t collaborate with other attention seekers.

Look for productive and ambitious people. Look for the business owners, hard workers, lifestyle coaches, and Instagram influencers!

Collaborations are helpful. That way, you set up an online circle of people that keeps you in check.

Plus, they can drive your financial life forward. You can collaborate to market your business!

Just Like a Mastermind Group.

It’s why online celebrities have an elitist mindset.

They don’t want unproductive people. They want those that can help. And you should be helpful to join the fold.

But it all starts with healthy social media use. Adjust your habits, and become a success today!