Selling products and services remains the most profitable way to make money online. There is a lot of competition among service providers who are selling the same service and profit margins are low, so it is better to focus of selling products at a low price online. However there are billions of products available for sale online and offline, so it is difficult for an online retailer to find out which product will sell well online. If there are no sales, it will not be feasible to continue with the business. Hence the intelligynce software was developed to help online retailers quickly and easily find top selling products online.Shopify is one of the most popular software for ecommerce websites worldwide.

The software tool intelligynce allows the user to monitor more than fifty thousand shopify stores worldwide with over two million product listings to find the products with highest sales numbers and products which are in demand online. The retailer can then use the free Ali Inspector software provided to find suitable suppliers on AliExpress for the products he wishes to sell. The tool will help ensure that the user will save a lot of time he would otherwise spend researching to find suitable products and also reduce errors to a great extent. The intelligynce software helps to find the products with the highest sales volume on a particular day, the Google Adword campaign which was run by a store owner and search over half a million stores using shopify, filtering data based on specific criteria. The social media settings of these Shopify stores can also be monitored to check their social media marketing strategy.

The software has a powerful store inspector feature to get the link of the store’s website, the date when the owner of the Shopify store had uploaded a new product on  the website, the theme used for the store and the Shopify user name. Estimated low, middle and high sales information for the store are also provided.It is possible to find out the Shopify apps which have been installed for each store to boost conversions and sales. Monthly traffic to each store, and information of the volume of the store traffic from each country are available, which can help for social media marketing. Details of top five competing stores, and keyword analysis tools are provided. Information on the number of products for sale, when each of the product was listed for sale will be provided. Information about the five highest selling products for each store and their prices is available. Users can also find out details of the traffic sources for each store.Theintelligynce software tool is priced at $197 one time payment and a refund is offered within 7 days. No refund is offered for those who have opted for monthly subscription. The software is hosted on the servers of the seller, so nothing has to be downloaded by the user, they can login to their account online and start searching the Shopify stores. The free Ali Inspector software which otherwise costs $147 is offered to all those who purchase intelligynce. This software allows the user to find suppliers for the product they wish to sell. Hence intelligynce will help online retailers start their online store quickly and conveniently. ,


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