“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

According to The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, education is a legal right of every child.

Education helps eradicate poverty and hunger. It gives people a better chance at life. 

Yet education is a privilege to many. Close to 258 million children and youth do not attend school, mostly girls. These numbers only got worse during the pandemic. Over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom now.

Celebrated on January 24 is The International Day of Education. It is a day to acknowledge the role of education in peace and sustainable development.

Goodera has curated a comprehensive list of nonprofits working to bridge the gap in education around the world.

1. Fundación Agua de Coco (Coconut Water Foundation) strives to improve the quality of life of socially excluded people in Spain

They facilitate sustainable and equitable development in the focus areas. They help those discriminated most against, such as health, education, and the environment. 

Agua de Coco was started on December 20, 1994, with the main objective of meeting the needs of families living on the streets in the city of Battambang (Cambodia).

Currently, Agua de Coco’s mission is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of groups in situations of social exclusion in countries of the South where there are more than 40,000 people benefiting from our projects, spread over three continents.

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2. Save the Children aims to build a world in which every child has the right to survival, protection, development, and participation in India

Save The Children is India’s leading independent child’s rights organization. It believes each child deserves the best chance for a bright future. 

Their pioneering programs seek to address children’s unique needs, giving them a healthy start. They work with government and civil society agencies across five core themes. These include –  Health and Nutrition, Education, Child Protection, Humanitarian Response, Disaster Risk Reduction, and Child Poverty. 

They began their journey in 2008. Today, they work across 18 states in India and have impacted the lives of more than 11 million children. 

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3. Hope For Special Education works on promoting awareness and action in support of Special Education in Ethiopia

Hope For Special Education was founded to promote awareness and action in support of Special Education. 

They aim to create diverse and inclusive schools serving children with special needs in countries with minimal access to such educational environments. They cater to children with special needs up to the age of 22. It was initially started in Ethiopia. 

4. Te Aud Romania focuses on enhancing the basic education that children are currently able to access in Romania

Te Aud Romania (I HEAR YOU ROMANIA) is an NGO (Charity) established in 2014 to help orphans and disadvantaged children in Romania through improved education, life guidance, sport, and social inclusion.  

They aim to provide increased opportunities for the children to succeed socially, spiritually, and financially – helping them develop and appreciate everything life has to offer – giving them a chance at enjoying what most of us take for granted.

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5. Forever Young Educational Centre works to teach English to students within an interactive and attractive program in Romania

The main aims of the association are to promote, support, implement and coordinate teaching/learning, educational, cultural, sportive, tourist and leisure activities among preschoolers, schoolchildren, students, and teachers in the educational system, as well as among youth and people of other age groups in the country and abroad. 

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6. Abriendo Mentes aims to create economically stable communities in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Abriendo Mentes – Spanish for ‘Opening Minds’ – was established in 2009 by Meradith Leebrick and Drew Ragland. 

Since its inception in 2009, the organization has continued to grow by leaps and bounds, with highlights including the addition of adult education programming, the donation of a computer lab leading to the establishment of a technology program, the creation of the women’s economic empowerment programs, the development of an international volunteer structure, and a formal program expansion to the neighboring community of Brasilito.

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7. Pomoc deci is committed to providing quality education and care for youth and children in Serbia

Pomoc deci is a non-governmental, non-profit making organization. It has been working since 2003 to promote high-quality childcare and education for children aged 0-18. It also supports their families.  

Pomo deci helps youth in finding their place in Serbia. 

Three major program lines are the focus of Pomoc deci (CYSO): Quality Education for All (inclusive education for all children, improvement in ethnic minorities’ education from preschool to adult level), Youth Mobilisation (community needs, social partnership at local level, primary health, capacity building for local NGOs) and Prevention of Child and Youth Trafficking.   

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8. Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation aims to help citizens, particularly, refugees and internally displaced persons

It aims to help refugees and internally displaced persons. The organization addresses their living and existential problems, emphasizing their current housing problems. 

The Foundation’s priorities for the future are employment, primarily among youth and single parents. In addition to this, the Foundation works to create better conditions for the upbringing of children and youth. It does so through the renewal of kindergartens, schools, and sports fields. It also works on strengthening youth activism.

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9. CapraCare strives to provide access to medical care, mental health, health education, and professional development services in Haiti

CapraCare is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing sustainable community health programs for children and families.

Their programs are making an impact by saving lives and transforming communities while re-building and maintaining a lasting local capacity in Haiti. The nonprofit is also registered in New York, USA.

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10. Reading Is Fundamental is committed to building a literate America by inspiring a passion for reading among all children

Reading Is Fundamental is committed to a literate America by inspiring a passion for reading among all children, providing quality content to impact, and engaging communities in the solution to give every child the fundamentals for success. 

As the nation’s largest children’s literacy non-profit, Reading Is Fundamental maximizes every contribution to ensure all children can read and succeed. 

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11. Youth For Understanding (YFU) promotes intercultural education, democracy education, and social responsibility in Germany

YFU advocates intercultural education, democracy education, and the assumption of social host family members and l responsibility by offering young people the opportunity to experience a different culture as a host family member and gain new perspectives. 

YFU sends around 1,000 German schoolchildren abroad every year and takes in about 550 young people from other countries. They also provide large amounts of scholarships to young people whose families cannot finance an exchange year on their own.

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12. Annapoorna Trust aims to provide nutritious breakfast to school children while also catering to their emotional and spiritual needs in rural India

The Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust is a charitable trust in Chikkaballapur District of Karnataka, India. 

The Trust was set up in November 2015. It strives to feed nutritious, well-balanced breakfast to all school-going children in rural India and disadvantaged sections of society. It also seeks to enable the holistic development of children by engaging with the school authorities and helping them integrate an ethos of academic and human excellence. 

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13. Association “Les Cajoutiers” works to offer social security to children and guide them for a better future in Senegal

Association “Les Cajoutiers” gives Senegalese children from poor, deaf families with Down’s syndrome a chance for a better future. They help in school education, a balanced diet, and medico-social follow-up. 

The organization receives international support from Belgium and France, Australia, Canada, and the United States. 

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14. Red De Impacto Foundation improve is committed to providing opportunities for young people in Colombia

Red De Impacto Foundation is a social program of free online English classes.  This nonprofit teaches young people from remote areas or with limited resources.  They help improve their level of English for one year.

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15. Code for Everyone strives to promote programming education in public education in Japan

Code for Everyone’s mission is to ensure “programming education as a culture to understand the technology used in all fields” instead of the conventional “programming education as professional education.” 

In Japan, programming will be compulsory from the elementary school stage from 2020. In cooperation with governments and companies, they work with school teachers. These teachers can carry out programming education much more easily.

16. XinHua Compassion Education Foundation (XHEF) aims to transform Chinese human resources through love

Registered in 2007, Xin Hua Education Foundation (XHEF) helps high-school students from underprivileged families in remote areas of China. The organization helps them have a good education.

XHEF has sponsored more than 70,000 students. They have enabled them to walk out of mountains and walk into classrooms

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