Foreword by: Leslie Grossman, Senior Fellow and Executive Coach at GWU Center for Excellence in Public Leadership, and founder of the Women’s Leadership Exchange. She is the author of “LINK OUT: How to Turn Your Network into a Chain of Lasting Connections.”

One month since the war in Ukraine began, the women of Ukraine are showing the world extraordinary courage.

Though rarely acknowledged in the history books, women have been fearless defenders of freedom going back in history from the Minute Women of the Revolutionary War, to the Six Triple Eight Black Women’s battalion in WWII, to the women of the Civil War who cared for families of soldiers and the wounded near the battlefields. Women have always been courageous, though their fearlessness was rarely recognized or recorded in history books. 

We are eyewitnesses to the extraordinary courage of women at this very moment.  Here are a few of the stories of the courageous women of Ukraine, edited by Ukrainian-American Kateryna Pyatybratova: