Interview questions today are different than they were eight months ago.

Interviewing has always been nerve-wracking. What will they ask? How will I answer? What questions should I ask? Asking questions at the end of the interview shows the company you have done your homework, have learned about the department you’d be with, researched the product/service/mission, and have prepared.

In this new era of COVID, companies are having to reinvent their work environments to meet new safety standards and requirements which changes up interview questions as well.

Consider these questions for your next interview:

✅ ??? ???? ?? ???????? ?? ?????????? ???? ??? ?????
Onboarding from home can be tricky. What are their plans to integrate you into the team? It’s not always easy integrating into a new team while on the job much less doing it virtually. What are their onboarding plans? How will you be interacting with them?

✅ ???? ??? ??????? ???? ?????????? ?????????? This will tell you everything you need to know about how the company treats and values its employees. If they haven’t brought any back, then you know they don’t have a lot of employee loyalty.

✅ ???? ??? ??? ?????????? ??? ????????? ????????? ???? ?OVID? Do they have a protocol in place? Will the rest of the team be quarantined? It is important to know how long you or the person with COVID has to stay home (state guidelines recommend two weeks).

✅ ??????? ?? ?????? ?????????? ??? ?????? ????, ???? ????????? ??? ??? ?? ????? ?? ??????? ?????????? What changes have they made to support both of these? This gives you an idea of the culture and how well the company works together. Do they offer hand sanitizer, masks, and safe social distancing protocols? How far apart will you be during meetings, lunches, etc.

✅ ?? ???? ???????? ??????? If yes, do you know how to use technology/collaboration tools? What are employees required to wear during Zoom conferences? What platform will they use? Will the company provide supplies and equipment or are you required to purchase your own computer/laptop, chair, and basic supplies?

We didn’t think twenty years ago (or even one) that we would have to question a perspective employer about their safety protocols during a pandemic, but now we have to. Being prepared and proactive lets you know where the company stands, what actions they are taking, and how much they value their employees.