Lars Dybkjær

When someone thinks about having a tour in Europe, Paris will be the first name being mentioned. Because we hear about it very frequently from here and there. And the beauty of the city of Paris is not negligible. Because there are a lot of admiring places to go to in that city. According to a very expert traveler Lars Dybkjær, you would not be disappointed at all during the tour of the city of Paris.

The travelers will have to ensure a proper plan for the trip. According to Lars, you may never get the same experience twice. So, it is necessary to get the best out of a trip whether it is for Paris of France or somewhere near your city. So, it is necessary to learn about the most beautiful places to go to while you are in Paris. This article will give some suggestions to all those new travelers who are interested in traveling to Paris. Because we are going to share the experience of Lars Dybkjær on visiting the most beautiful places in the city.

Can you imagine Paris without Eiffel Tower?

Lars Dybkjær also asked the same question while suggesting visiting Paris. In all measures, the question is legitimate because the city is probably known for that icon alone to most people. And the Eiffel tower is also admirable for those who have always seen it on TV screens and papers.

Aside from the sheer height of 1063 feet, the view is also amazing from the tower. Because you will get the most optimal bird’s eye view of Paris from it. Lars said, most travelers would not have to take any instruction of making the most out of visiting the Eiffel tower. People will automatically have the idea of snapping pictures with the tower. Then they will also think about visiting the tower for once to get the full experience of the Eiffel tower, according to Lars.

How about one of the most crowded places in Paris?

Lars Dybkjær was talking about the Louvre art museum of Paris. It is situated at the center of the city and has about 21,000 hectares of land into its occupation. It is hardly possible for a person to cover the whole place at once for sure. Even, an enthusiastic person like Lars could not complete the whole trip in one day. So, it’s always better to have some time in hand when you are planning for a crowded place.

All of the sections like oriental antiquities, Egyptian antiquities, Greek and Roman art, paintings, Islamic art, and sculptures of the medieval period are another reason for the trip to the Louvre being so big. A wise traveler like Lars Dybkjær would tell you to take about two days for a trip to the Louvre museum of arts.

Is there any architectural beauty in Paris?

In response to this question, Lars said that there is almost any ignorable sight of Paris. Yet, if you want to experience the most architectural beauty of the city, the Notre Dame Cathedral is the best-suited place. The amazing sculptures and the Gothic style architecture makes the visuals of the building. You can go to that place and stare at the walls for the whole day. Still, your visual sense will not be satisfied. In the case of Lars, he did some research on the place and have a proper idea about it before even going there in person.

Will the streets even give you the vibe of Paris?

Lars also mentioned Arc De Triomphe because it is another resemblance of the architectural beauty of Paris. It was built in the 19th century and still showing its beauty through the sculptures on the walls. Lars suggested focussing on the architecture of Paris to experience the most of the city. With examples like Arc De Triomphe, we can barely disagree with him in this argument.