Six Sigma Trade

My success story begins with the beginning of my business career. I opted for the field of artificial intelligence and successfully established my footprint in the field, when its mark was less evident on our lives. Now, realizing its importance and prospective pervasiveness, large conglomerates are delving deep into this by investing millions of Dollars. My business’ success can be attributed to a number of factors however, if I have to name a single one, I would say it was my decision to amalgamate artificial intelligence and the network marketing. The most glaring aspect of the artificially intelligent programs, which the general public does not know, is that it becomes more intelligent with every passing moment. The profit ratios of my Company thus increase consistently, and so does the trust and satisfaction of everyone attached to it. The decision has thus made it a collective success story, which is more comforting to me. – Sura Bianca

We are entering an era where everyone is interested in multiple income streams. How does one decide on a business to pursue?

The prevailing economic conditions in the world warrant that the fortunes one earns must consist of a mainstream income source, as well as multiple tributaries adding to the mainstream. This is the only way to absolve oneself from the present economic scramble people are going through especially after the outbreak of the pandemic. While the mainstream income source depends inter alias upon one’s area of strength, natural flair, education, circumstances and societal norms, at least the tributaries should earn for him passive income, if he wants to live a life with dignity and financial freedom. It is humanly impossible to invest time and money in multiple and mutually exclusive fields. I would, therefore, advise that while coveting for multiple income streams, you should chose a field where your fortune counter is on even if you are not looking at it. 

What is your business all about?

Well, my business is all about my belief that man is the creator of technology, and technology should serve humanity in to. Let me explain this a little. There are two modules of my business. Number 1: Computes can make wiser financial decisions, if programmed intelligently, as they are not prone to human errors and they process relevant information much faster than us, the human beings. Number 2: Humans can join hands to reap maximum benefits from their creation viz., robots with artificial intelligence. My Company, Six Sigma Trade, stands on these two modules. Our distributors attract investments from their social connections, the Company optimally puts the money in the Forex market, our intelligently programmed state of the art robot multiplies these investments through its prudent decision making process and respective dividends are shared with the distributors in terms of agreed upon bonuses. 

How do you differentiate yourself from others in your field?

It is a privilege and an honor for me to say that Six Sigma Trade is the only network marketing company that ever existed on the globe, that has its stronghold in the most sophisticated and advanced field of artificial intelligence. The network marketing regime is starkly different from that of traditional businesses. Once in the market, I realized that people have trust issues with the network marketing companies, which was quite astonishing for me in the beginning. But over the period of time, Six Sigma Trade has earned people’s trust and confidence. People have realized that the Company’s business plan is sustainable, carefully calculated and optimally designed, by economists and financial analysts of international repute, duly incorporating world’s best practices and a robust value system.  The response from the people is thus astounding. 

How do you think technology will affect the way we do business 10 years from now?

The more I observe the changing dynamics of global markets, the more firm I get in my belief that technology is a like a tidal wave; and we have a choice either to ride it or get wiped out. We are witnessing second watershed moment in past couple of centuries, where the business models have to transform, mutate and adapt not only to earn fortunes, but also to survive. First such moment was the industrial revolution, which entirely changed the economic and business landscape of the world. The era culminated in the advent of internet. And now the world has reached its second watershed moment, where the empire built by the industrial revolution is being shattered. 

Artificial intelligence, automation and unmanned systems are taking over faster than ever. Ten years from now, I see tens of millions of jobs lost, more economic disparity among masses and a ferocious marathon for survival. Only those businesses will flourish who are able to make their digital footprint and social identity. Those who keep up with the pace will call the shots, while others will be left far behind. It was in this backdrop that I decided to blend artificial intelligence with the network marketing, and I am glad that the decision is paying off.