Everyone is pointing out how 2020 is the start not just of a new year, but a new decade! How does that make you feel?

I know that for some of us, including me, this gives rise to a combination of feelings. Looking back, we feel a bit of shame for not accomplishing all that we envisioned and planned. Looking forward, we feel a sense of excitement – but maybe also dread – about the possibilities this brand-new decade holds.

Instead of feeling dread, we can feel inspired if we resolve to go about things in ways that feel right for our introvert brain wiring – if we give ourselves permission to stop pushing ourselves to act like extroverts.

And of course, this is a good time of year to envision what we want (and don’t want). For that, I’ve prepared a series of sentence starters you can take to your journaling practice.

Journaling Exploration and Envisioning for the New Year

Use the following sentence starters to help you get in touch with what you want (and don’t want) in the new year. Sentence starters are a good way to explore your inner landscape and get in touch with what’s written on your heart. Write fast so you can outrun your Inner Critic!You’ll know you’re in the “zone” when your breathing slows down, you feel very calm, and you lose all sense of time.

  • Orient yourself to the Present Moment. A quick way to become fully present is to tune in to your senses:
    • I hear… [Write everything you hear around you]
    • I feel (physically)… [Get in touch with what’s going on in your body]
    • I feel (emotionally)… [See what comes up]
  • What I want for my life [emotionally, spiritually, physically, materially]…
  • What I DON’T want for my life…
  • What I want to get up and do every day…
  • What I DON’T want to do…
  • Who I DON’T want to work with… A quick way to get clarity about who you want to work with is to get in touch with the kinds of people you DON’T want to work with.
  • Who I LOVE working with…
  • What my Ideal Client wants to feel, be, do…
  • WHY my Ideal Client wants this…
  • I am… [Keep writing responses to this powerful sentence starter and see where it takes you.]
  • I’m grateful for [big and little things, in no special order]… Making a list of everything you’re grateful for creates a very positive vibration. If you’re in a fearful or negative frame of mind, you can completely turn it around just by listing what you’re grateful for and what’s going well in your life.

I encourage you to come up with your own sentence starters to explore things that come up for you.

Read your responses often and feel the “Yes!” in your spirit. This is the fuel that will inspire you to make action plans that feel good to you!

Feel free to reach out to me if you feel unsure of how to move forward on what you want to create in 2020. You can book a free exploratory session with me here: https://bit.ly/2YtOSzj

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  • Summer Turner

    Empowering Introverts

    Summer Turner knows that introverts are more successful and fulfilled when they move forward in ways that honor their brain wiring instead of pushing themselves to act like extroverts. An experienced solution-focused strategy coach, course creator and instructor, Summer helps introverted women consultants, coaches and other solopreneurs creatively strategize introvert-brain-friendly paths to success and fulfillment. She has created a signature approach called The Tortoise Way™.