Successful people don’t become successful just by luck or happenstance. Often there is a correlation between certain habits and the level of success a person can achieve. In this article, investor Daniel Calugar shares nine daily practices that successful people have that you may benefit from adopting.

Start Your Day Early

Many successful individuals start their day at least three hours before their true workday tasks begin. That time is spent exercising, planning, or working on personal tasks. This habit lets them feel in control of their day and get a jumpstart on things that may otherwise fall to the wayside.

Prioritize Exercise

Many successful people find a way to incorporate exercise into their daily schedules regularly. Exercise has proven benefits to stimulate the brain, clear the mind, and increase motivation.

Make Your Goals Specific

Successful people don’t just say ambiguous things like “I think I’ll start a business” or “I’m going to make healthy choices.” To accomplish your goals, your intentions need to be precise. Specific goals could be something along the lines of reaching out to 15 new clients a week, losing 20 pounds, or increasing business sales by 30 percent. Setting goals keeps you motivated and on-task, and removes any background noise that impedes achieving what is most important.

Picture What You Want

Envisioning what you want helps bring a tangible aspect to your goals and promotes the energy necessary to embark upon your endeavors.

Adjust Your Frame of Mind

There is a popular phrase, “work smarter, not harder.” Harness the powers of calendar management and organization. There is a difference between producing and working – the time you allocate to accomplish a task is ultimately the amount of time it will take. Carving out allocated time slots to dedicate to tasks will enable you to produce results faster and accomplish more than not setting any time constraints.


Those who are contributors in life versus consumers tend to create reciprocity around them, and subsequently, those around them will be more inclined to assist and provide support. People who are successful in this make it a habit always to find ways to support their colleagues and teammates daily.

Excellence over Perfection

Success is built on a strong foundation that includes excellence. While many strive for perfection, those individuals will only get caught up in the concerns of what others think. Successful people know that it’s okay to change the plan and make adjustments along the way because it’s the only way to grow and learn.

Make Uncomfortable the Norm

Successful people make it a habit to live outside their comfort zone continually. Find ways to stretch yourself, whether through public speaking, asking for honest feedback, or learning something new.

Be Inquisitive

Always be in a mindset to learn and grow; don’t be afraid to ask questions. Questions are an excellent building block to spark solutions, ideas, and new conversations.

About Daniel Calugar

Daniel Calugar is a data-driven investor with an academic and professional background in computer science, business, and law. He developed a passion for investing as a result of frequent interactions with investment professionals who serviced the investment needs of his legal clients.  As a tax partner at the Atlanta law firm of Hansell & Post and the global law firm of Jones Day, he incorporated his partnership interest allowing him to set up and serve as trustee for his own tax-qualified profit-sharing plan. Calugar utilized his technical skillset to design computer programs that would assist him in making more effective investment decisions. He then moved on to hedge fund investments before eventually focusing on more mortgage-backed securities, futures, and options after the stock market crash in 2008.

Dan Calugar has had the privilege to travel the world with his life companion in part due to the flexible nature of his work. He is into fitness and enjoys working out. He is a pilot with over 2000 hours of single-pilot experience flying business jets. He has been active with Angel Flight and has flown over 200 missions for Angel Flight West and Angel Flight Southeast over the past 15 years.