Take a look at your living space and watch each item very closely and intently. Now pick one item which hasn’t been used for past 6 months… Try and think how did you get that item – did you buy it or was it gifted? What value did it bring then? How often do you use it? Does it bring the same value now? Would you want to keep it or be better disposing it off?

We are living in a fast paced, materialistic, dog eat dog world, characterised by technological and advertorial blitzkrieg where the latest acquisition becomes obsolete even before the last emi is paid thus leaving the buyer yearning for more….

The ubiquitous, year long “Discount Sale” in the guise of Blockbuster Sale/Diwali Bonanza/Shopping Festivals by online giants/shopping malls never fails to entice the gullible, impulsive shopper…

The socio economic scenario in India defined by improved employment opportunities,, easy availability of credit, increased purchasing power, coupled with sprawling infrastructure giving rise to mushrooming shopping malls in even tier 2 or 3 cities, has further spoilt the buyer for choice…

Smart phones, wearables, electronics – the likes of mp3 players, power banks, headphones, e book readers, tablets, smart devices, laptops, chargers, watches, footwear, clothes (including the most important ones which make one look dressed like either a Scarecrow or a Stuffed toy ?), books, magazines, household items, etc.. continue to rule our wardrobes, drawers and other storage space at home. We love to hoard…..

Material possessions, which are often linked to pseudo happiness they purport to bring, get made irrespective of their utilitarian value. Very often, an impulse purchase is driven by human zest to impress or make others envious. It’s the insatiable desire to be loved or liked in virtual world that is also driving our real world crazy…. We are increasingly become slaves of “Acquisitive Happiness”.


Quest for happiness – > Impulse purchases -> low usage of the items – – > stuffed homes –> cluttered life – – > Stress…. but what’s the stress about?

As per a study done by a research team of DePaul University, Chicago, the material clutter has a bearing on our minds.

  1. Clutter can induce a physiological response which may include increase of cortisones that add to stress. – Stress of cleaning up the surroundings, stress of regular maintenance of equipment/household goods.
  2. Procrastination is also linked to hoarding – constantly avoiding tasks adds to stress.
  3. Mindless acquisition and hoarding of articles soaks up our energy and impacts mental being negatively.

So what shall one do? Stop shopping or accepting gifts from our family or friends or simply suppress one’s desire to make new purchases?

The answer is NO.

Instead, pay attention to cleaning up your physical space of unnecessary items. De cluttering your space will de clutter your mind.

  • Don’t over crowd your homes.
  • Be judicious about your purchases
  • Focus on functionality not alone flamboyance
  • Hoarding doesn’t bring happiness, clearing does. Try it….
  • Spend on experiences ( watch a play, go for mountain biking, indulge in photography or simply take a walk in the nature, etc…) rather than acquisitions.
  • Make cleaning or tidying up a habit.

Happiness is not about spending the money, which you don’t have, on things which you don’t need and to impress people you don’t like….

Happiness is also not about waiting for that perfect score in exams or that dream job or that grand celebration or the next swanky car you plan to buy albeit is about living each moment to the fullest – be it – enjoying that cup of coffee ☕️ or listening to a melodious number or reading a book ? or spending time with old friends ?

Now go back and look at that item which I prompted you to pick up in the beginning of this blog – and make your decision…

Have a HAPPY ? Life…..

Amit Nand Mohla