Living a minimalist life is the latest trend nowadays. You will find many people in your neighborhood selling this idea to you or thousands of articles online on how leading a minimalist life transforms an individual. Well, all these sounds really good but is being minimalist really a practical choice

Let us discuss a few drawbacks of becoming a minimalist;

Minimalism has NO Standards:

You will find many stories shared by people who claim to be leading a minimalist life but how do you decide what is the parameter of becoming a minimalist? As there are no defined rules to this path, it becomes difficult to judge if you are really modeling a minimalist behavior.

Difficult for People Around You to Understand Your Lifestyle:

It is not easy for people around you to accept your newly changed lifestyle. Many people may think you are weird and discourage you. You need to be absolutely sure that you want this and not be influenced by them.

Another difficulty you may face is that you may feel lonely in a crowd as not many people around you would understand this drastic transformation you wish to make in your life. You may not have someone around you to talk to and discuss these new changes as most of them would not appreciate this way of living.

Difficulty in Understanding the True Essence of Minimalism:

When you get rid of your excess things and only hold on to minimal things, then you assume that you are living a minimalist life. But if you still obsess about the items you possess, you have not understood the true meaning of leading a minimalist life. Minimalism is not about obsessing over your things, it simply means to leave behind all the unnecessary excess things from your life.

You Need to be Privileged to be able to afford it:

Now you must be thinking that how getting rid of things can be expensive. Well, practically it is quite impossible for many to throw away their belongings which they must have bought spending their hard-earned money. There is a great possibility that they might need those things sometime later in life. Not everyone is privileged enough to just carry a credit card around and purchase whatever they require immediately. Not everyone can afford to live a minimalist lifestyle and just give away all their belonging in the blink of an eye, especially the working class.

A more practical approach to living a minimalist life without undergoing financial loss is to rent a self-storage unit such as public storage Deerfield Beach to store away your extra items which you do not need immediately but may need in the future. This way you will enjoy the benefits of leading a minimalist life without incurring a financial loss.

The most important thing about being a minimalist is to remember who you are and what is important for you to live your life stress-free. Avoid accumulating too many things but do not give away everything you have worked hard to own. Remember ‘balance is the key’.


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