Lockdowns have placed many of us into homeworking. We are still understanding the effects of remote working on mental health and wellness. Is a garden really good for your wellbeing? This article takes a look at why the answer is definitely yes.

“The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul.” – Alfred Austin

This quote encompasses what many gardeners already feel about their favourite pastime. Gardens are our own little peaceful haven, our piece of nature, our outdoor area for growing, and being, free from pressure.

If you’re not convinced just yet, it’s worth considering some of the following benefits to gardening:

It Lowers Stress

There is evidence that simply being out in nature helps to reduce stress. However. Gardening pushes that one step further with science suggesting that stress levels decrease after the introduction of plants, with 40% saying their garden helps them to feel more relaxed.

Exercise Boosts Your Health

Gardening is great for burning calories through all that lifting, digging and pruning. You also stretch, build muscle and use your core by gardening regularly. There’s a reason most people who garden for a living are in great shape!

The Benefits Of Decluttering Extend Outside Too

Gardens can become cluttered just like the inside of our homes. By decluttering all those plant pots, tidying seasonal items into your self storage unit in London (or local to you), putting old toys in low cost self storage from Storing.com and getting your outdoor space, you get those same good vibes as sorting your indoor space.

It Helps You Fight Disease

Gardening means spending time outside, which enables you to get some sunshine. Your skin uses that sunlight to help you make Vitamin D which helps your body function exceptionally well, especially in the way it helps you fight disease.

Gardening Helps You Sleep Better

Gardening is mentally and physically tiring, which helps promote a good night’s sleep. Being well rested helps you to then feel better the next day both mentally and physically.

Gardening Can Help With Addiction Rehabilitation

Gardening features on many rehabilitation programmes helping people with addiction recovery. It makes sense as it is relaxing and good for any person, but studies have actually shown that it boosts positive feelings in those recovering from alcohol addiction.

Mindfulness For Anxiety Management

Being in the garden with your hands in the soil, focusing on the plants, the weather, the bugs and the birds, is an excellent form of mindfulness. When you suffer from anxiety, it’s an excellent tool to use for quick relief and is a lot more accessible than meditation when symptoms are acute.

Giving You A Sense Of Accomplishment

Gardening and creating a nice outdoor space is an excellent way to feel a sense of accomplishment. Just growing one plant from a seed is a wonderful feeling, and just wait until your plant gets a flower! It’s excellent if you want a low-pressure hobby that makes you feel a sense of purpose.

“A garden is a delight to the eye and a solace for the soul.” – Sadi

Gardening, or simply spending time in your garden, can only ever be good for you. Whether you plant a whole orchard, or you nurture one flower, or even if you just sit and listen to the birds – it’s all yours for the taking. Gardening has a ton of benefits that make it well worth your time if you want to boost your wellbeing.