What is happiness? Is it spending time with our loved ones or running against the wind? Is it the sparkle in our eyes when we catch our reflection in a mirror or the smile on our mother’s face as she watches our dreams come true?

Happiness is a journey, skill, and choice. We choose our favorite meal or decide which type of movies we like best or which dress we look the most beautiful. This means that we can choose to be happy. We shouldn’t let the inner child in us die. Try out that candy bar that you always liked as a child; does it still put a smile on your face?

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Life has taught me that finding what works for me at different times is the key to happiness. 

  1. Finding happiness in solitude

If we want happiness, we need to understand what makes our hearts feel at home. Do you get lost in the melodies of a piano? Maybe music makes you happy. What I’m trying to emphasize is happiness is about how we take it. 

  1. Don’t settle for less

Once we try to do all the things we have always wanted to try, we will learn that some are not as fulfilling and others are exhilarating. However, the goal is finding something that races our hearts or gives us a fantastic thrill. We might not like some of the things our friends like, and that is okay. It doesn’t mean we are weird. I believe that happiness is diverse as it changes from one person’s objectives to another’s. 

  1. Look at the world through colored eyes

Make every moment of life count, don’t just live through life blindly. Our joy, contentment, and well-being define happiness. Under certain times I feel that happiness is a choice because happy people don’t seek happiness in possession or people; neither are they held hostage by circumstances. Happiness is about the million little things we wake up and decide to do.

  1. Don’t be afraid to chase the shadow

We should dance in the rain if we want to. It doesn’t matter if we will embarrass ourselves because we are terrible dancers or that our neighbors are watching behind their curtains. Our happiness should be our priority, so we shouldn’t be ashamed to buy ourselves a gift because we don’t want to misuse our money, right? We deserve it. 

We deserve to be happy at all times, so no one should be afraid to throw their head back in laughter when they find something amusing. Say hi to the grandma you meet on my way to work. Tell that girl on the bus that her hair is beautiful, hug that person closer, and look at the world through kinder eyes because happiness is one of the joys that can be spread. 

Therefore, as much as we define happiness as a choice, it’s also a feeling that we all seek.  

Happiness may be an overwhelming feeling at times, but we all strive to be happy. For some, it may be their goal for the day because it is not easy for them to feel joy.