Is Home Decorating the Solution for Your Quarantine Boredom

The year 2020 will probably be one of the most memorable ones for all of us. We are not even halfway through this year, and yet we have come face to face with different challenges that tested our resilience. But when the world has to fight something invisible from the naked eye, we could only hope that our cooperation and empathy with each other can help us push through this pandemic. 

We are all hoping to celebrate our victory over this virus soon. Maybe someday we can come back to our normal lives with a brand new appreciation for the things we used to take for granted. But for now, we have to do our part. Even if that simply means staying at home and maintaining our distances with each other. 

However, home quarantine also presents another challenge. Because we are limited to social interactions and activities we can do in our homes, boredom is inevitable. Combine that with the lack of release for our frustrations and fears, and our mental and physical health will also suffer. 

Landscape as an Escape

Our homes are supposed to be a safe space. And now, at this unprecedented time, we need to be able to find comfort in staying in this space. However, when you feel confined, you’ll also feel suffocated. And if you’re not used to being at home all the time, self-quarantine almost feels synonymous with shutting in. 

Even though I am a homebody, I still miss going on my walks at the park and talking to the people I meet. But since this is impossible at the moment, I have to find creative solutions to keep my mind and body as satisfied. That’s when I realized; I can start by being literally creative with my yard. After all, the yard is the safest “outdoors” at the moment.

You don’t need to be a professional landscaper to make your garden or yard more aesthetically pleasing. As you can see here, even the simple act of adding some lighting fixtures can make the area more enticing to look at. And you don’t even have to be an expert electrician because some of them work as plug and play.

Personally, I enjoy doing the wiring myself because it keeps me busy. At the same time, I get to think of ways on how to arrange my lights as neat as possible. In turn, I’m less likely to feel bored. At the same time, decorating with lights is not even too complicated to make me feel frustrated. 

Did you know that there are actually multiple studies about how the act of gardening is a very effective stress reliever? This is because you get to be exposed to different stimuli from the sounds, smells, and sights outside. I had my hands dirty from digging for my lighting fixtures and plants. I get to soak up some sunshine while also doing physical work around my garden. Both of which are beneficial for the mind and the body without them feeling too tedious. 

Interior Decorating for Internal Benefits

If you don’t have a yard, maybe it’s time to give your interiors the love and redecoration they need. Before quarantine, we only see our homes as a place to rest. Therefore, we don’t give much thought about how they look because we’re not indoors most of the time. 

However, the way your room, kitchen, or even your bathroom looks have more impact than you actually think. Just like landscaping and gardening, organizing and decorating the inside of your house is beneficial for your health. A study has even shown how a cluttered space leads to homeowners feeling more depressed and fatigued. And not only that, people living in disorderly spaces have higher levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. 

During this pandemic, the last thing you’ll want is to feel simultaneously bored and stressed. Remember that we have to strengthen our immune system, and we are doing the opposite if we are constantly stressed. Not to mention, our mental health also suffers if we feel stuck at home without much activity. 

When you redecorate your space, you’ll notice that the layout, elements, and colors have an impact, not just on the room’s aesthetic. They can also affect your mood and productivity. Think about it, have you ever noticed that you feel down immediately when you enter your room but the mood changes when you walk into the living room? 

For example, even the simple color palette choice and accents can affect the room’s mood. Think about the purpose of each element. Red might feel romantic, but if it’s just the main theme, then it can feel stressful. Gloomy colors like brown are soothing for a room, but using too much can affect your productivity if you’re studying or working at home. 

So how can you decorate your interiors effectively? Besides choosing colors strategically, you also need to understand the other elements in the room. For example, even the textures you choose can affect the room’s theme. 

For the office, a space that isn’t too distracting with angular textures will make the environment more enticing to work in. On the contrary, softer and flowy details and accents work well for the bedroom because they are more relaxing.

At the same time, be aware of how to choose which items should stay in a room. In the kitchen, you might be better off with some of the appliances hidden in the cabinets. This way, it’s a neater and clutter-free workspace. It will also affect your efficiency if you have everything you need easily accessible, as opposed to them being hidden by unnecessary appliances and such. 

Boredom is an unpleasant state because it just makes every waking day feel more mundane than usual. However, we have to be inventive and find ways to fight it, especially during this time where being bored at home almost feels like a luxury that not everyone can afford. 

Home decorating may not be on the same levels with the outdoor and social activities we are used to. However, it’s a simple form of self-care to keep ourselves busy while also being beneficial for our minds and bodies.