On the way to success, our challenges are our obstacles that we more than often trip over. These challenges are many times within ourselves – low self-esteem, mental block, fear, insecurity. They can keep us where we are, not allowing us to push through and see what we could become.

So, the right question arises: is it ok to push your limits to achieve your goals in life?

Why Push Your Limits

The answer to the above question is a definite “yes” and here is why:

1. Leaving Your Comfort Zone

While you may be all right inside your comfort zone, nothing truly significant will happen then. Trying out different things under different circumstances brings true changes in your life and the opportunity to make progress.

2. Learning New Things

There is no exploration without pushing your limits, and there is no learning without exploration. Whatever new you try out, make sure you learn something from it and grow.

3. Discovering Your Inner Strength

You may never discover your true potential by staying in your comfort zone. Pushing yourself into the unknown will reveal what you are really made of, and it’s always more than we think.

4. Discover Your Identity

Your worth and capabilities will be revealed once you cross the limitations you set up for yourself. You will finally find out what you are made 5. 5.Achieving More

As Diane Demetre, a Master Mindset mentor, says, “it is only when we dare to be more, can we do more of what matters and have more of what counts.” Almost no effort is left unrewarded. When you dare to try, a reward follows, in whatever form it may be.

How to push your limits

When you decide to push yourself, here is how you do it:

1. Change your mindset

You have to fight the desire to give up when it gets hard, which is the mindset of most of us. It may be easier to pick a person you admire and see how they overcome their fear. You should also try visualizing doing the same thing they do every time you face a challenge. That way, you will train your mind to hold on longer and become stronger.

2. Get a helper

You need a person who will motivate you when it gets rough; someone who will make you leave your negative train of thoughts and bring you back to the right track. They will be the ones reminding you how far you’ve come by pushing yourself so far.

3. Find inspiration

Whether it’s a quote, a book, or a video, find something that motivates you to action. Whenever you think of it or look at it, it should get you going in an attempt to reach your goals.

4. Go big with challenges

Whatever you may think you can’t do – that’s the very thing you should try. Sticking to what you know won’t get you far. Only pushing your limits and overcoming your fear of facing a huge challenge will bring you great benefits.

5. Imagine reaching what you want

Focus is a very important thing, especially when you’re working towards a goal. It’s easy to focus on what you are doing now or on what you were before, but do you know what you are aspiring to? When it gets hard, try shifting your focus onto your goal – imagine achieving it and it will be much easier to decide on the next steps towards it and working them one by one.

Final words

Pushing your limits is good for you – you have higher chances of achieving something great. Nothing different will happen when you keep on doing the same things. Achieving your goals is possible only through discovering your current limits and then overcoming them.