is it time for you to get out of your rut

and innovate

what does the other side of Coved-19 look like for you?

is it a return to what you used to do

or is it an opportunity to integrate who you are 

into what you do?

i am taking discovery calls now with people who feel

there is something different trying to happen for them.

if this resonates with you, lets have a discovery call.

what we were is not what we are now.

be who you are now.

i have witnessed some great businesses,

innovate once and then get stuck in the innovation

and lose their innovative edge.

they had a great idea and then followed it forever

until the innovation became the status quo

and they grew comfortable, 

and lost the ability to risk everything and innovate again.

One of my guests on The Mosaic Podcast, 

Donald Hoffman, a brilliant scientist and cognitive psychologist

shared with me this incredible statistic:

science tells us that 99% of all species become extinct.

In his book, The Case Against Reality

he says that evolution needs to hid the truth from us

because the truth would impact 

our innate survival of the fittest instinct, making us extinct.

what do you choose not to see in your life and business

thinking that if you saw it, 

you might lose your competitive edge?

we have been taught subtlety not to innovate,

most of us have been taught to not reinvent the wheel 

and to just do what others do.

a sure fire way to stop innovation,

become irrelevant and become extinct.

it is understandable why we do it.

again lets look to science . . .

Dr Joe Dispenza says,

science tells us we have 70,000 thoughts a day,

95% of which are the same thoughts we thought yesterday.

and the day before, and the day before that.

so it is easy to understand why so many of us 

just follow our routine,

we do what we have always done, 

we think what we always thought, 

and see what we have always seen.

and we do this in our lives, our relationships 

and our businesses. 

innovation is not something that is natural for us to do

and it may cause us our life in a survival of the fittest battle.

so, we look for situations that maintain the status quo

to help us play safe, take fewer risks,

we avoid environments that invite innovation

fearing a survival of the fittest confrontation 

because we don’t have the confidence to think we can win,

and so we live life under the radar, 

trying to “live” unnoticed.

this is how most of us spend our days, our years, our lives.

invisible. safe. creatures of routine and habit.

is this the way you want to show up in the world?

it all makes sense, until it doesn’t anymore.

innovation is what happens when it all stops making sense. 

if life has stopped making sense,

if you are tired or bored or have just lost your spark,

if doing the same thing over and over

has dulled the light of hope you once had in your eyes,

if you want to live your dream again, no matter how old you are.

if you want to reconnect to yourself, your source, your purpose

and remove the boxes that you have been living in.

if your business is ready to innovate

and you are ready to see differently…

i have created what i call THE INNOVATION SESSION

where we sit together and ask for an initiation;

the words we share together will invite you to see differently


so that a transmission of innovation can happen uninterrupted.

the practice is based on what i noticed in my book 

The Mosaic (available on Amazon)

that while the story is charming and its words touch your heart,

the secondary transmission happens 

in the space between the words.

i feel guided now to offer private sessions 

to initiate innovation

for those interested in seeing differently.


  • Daniel Levin

    Visionary. Author. Magician. Mentor. Speaker.

    Daniel Levin walked away from an opportunity to run a billion dollar business, to hitchhike around the world to find happiness and inner peace.   His life has been a combination of incredible victories and massive defeats. He left the seminary one day before being ordained a Rabbi, and lived as a monk in a monastery for 10 years.  He has meditated every day for over 45 years. He has run a restaurant, a publishing house, a market, a meditation retreat, has owned and run a clothing company, a branding company and a coaching business.   He was the Director of Business Development at Hay House and led it’s growth from $3,000,000 to $100,000,000 in revenue over a 10 year time span.  He started DbL, by branding “the most anticipated hotel opening of the year 2013” according to USA Today, The Andaz Maui @ Wailea Resort and Spa. The book he wrote for them, The Ohana of Red Earth created a corporate culture of family not staff.   Levin is a rare blend of mystic and business guy. He is a storyteller and the beautiful story he weaves in his book, The Mosaic touches the hearts of people and soothes their souls. It is a story about loss and discovery, about seeing the things we can’t see, about knowing the value of every living thing, and about connection.   He is married to his soul mate who teaches him what it means to love and be loved. He is the father of a beautiful special needs daughter who teaches him that he is able to do far more than he ever thought possible; the step father of a handsome and fun loving teenage boy who helps him remember how powerful fear is; and a brilliant and beautiful teenage daughter who reminds him how important it is to live inside out; and #hashtag, their adorable and loving golden retriever who reminds him that life is all about play.   They live by the ocean feeling very blessed, loving others and helping people get what they want.