I’ve always considered myself a fighter…..

‘I’m a fighter and you get hit. If you want to stop getting hit – then you need to get out of the boxing ring’ ⠀

⠀- Kimberly Motley (International Litigator)⠀

Earlier this week, I was listening to Desert Island Discs and I totally resonated with how Motley discussed how she led with aggression as a female lawyer in the Afghan courts. She become emotional when asked how she decompressed from it – it wasn’t a vulnerability she was able to share. ⠀

Why? Because she’s still in the ring having punches thrown at her and she’s not yet ready to get out. 

But, it got me thinking as to what it costs us as women, when we stay in the ring for too long. This month marks 5 years since I broke away from my prestigious career as a criminal defence lawyer – a position that was no longer serving me. ⠀

It was a tough decision – years of studying, working all the hours and only a very vague idea of what I wanted to do next (which it turns out wasn’t that at all). ⠀

I had 5K in the bank, a mortgage to pay and was completely burnt out. But, I’ll be honest with you – I had to get out of the ring and build a new arena for myself to play in. 

An arena that was built on my terms with new meaning and significance. And one where I could truly lead with feminine presence. 

It’s been an evolutionary journey – with so many highs and lots of low’s as well. ⠀

But guess what it started with a decision – a decision to stop doing something which was making me unhappy, stressed out and at times not like myself very much. ⠀

Saying NO is a powerful decision to cut off all options and when your back is against the wall – you make sh** happen. As I said I am a fighter and so are you…..

Is now the time to stop talking endlessly about it and to actually show the intrepid commitment you need to build yourself a new arena to play in? ⠀⠀

If so, this is my invitation to you — to be part of the next Rebel Heart Club Mastermind which is a 6 month evolutionary programme designed to help you break free from your prestigious position and transform into your new business success story. 

During the programme you will be supported by me and an intimate group of like minded women — who you like you are making a bid for more freedom, more significance and more feminine presence. 

The caveat, is that I’m only interested women who’ve made the decision that for the next decade — they are totally committed in building their own arena to play in – does that sound like you?

If so, pop me a message NOW and we can have a chat about what being part of the Rebel Heart Club can look like for you and your NEW arena for a new DECADE! 


  • Lulu Minns

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