I have a friend who always tells me to “put my goals into the universe” or not to put any bad thoughts or wishes “into the universe”. I’ll be honest, at first this just sounded like some mumbo-jumbo to me. But the more I observed and the more I saw the practical applications, the more I saw the value of putting your dreams and ambitions out there, even if you don’t believe in some cosmic power.  

To me, putting your dreams out there means making your wishes known to others. When I really want something, I tell others about it. Usually, when they see your passion, they become interested and will constantly ask you how you are doing with your goal. With other people invested in tracking your progress, you often become more motivated, just like jogging in a group helps you to achieve your goals more than if you try to go it alone.  

Below I’ve listed some tips you can use to go public with your ambitions.

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Make sure you talk to someone whose opinion matters to you   

About a decade ago, there were studies that suggested that sharing your ambitions with others may make you less motivated to achieve them. But the latest research confirms that talking to others about what you want to achieve can be a great help, but with one requirement, you must tell it to someone whose opinion really matters to you. If you tell your ambition to someone whose opinion is not important to you, it will have no effect, but if you tell it to someone you look up to, you are more likely to stick to your commitment.  

Have some fun with it 

Going public with your ambitions places a heavy burden on a person and sometimes the weight of expectation can be a bit much, so it is a good idea to introduce an element of fun to the endeavor. Many people start their own blogs about their journeys, telling fun stories about how they reach each milestone and laughing at themselves when they fall behind. Many of these blogs have a decent follower list of people who will encourage you every step of the way. If writing isn’t really your thing, you could also do other fun things, like taking bets with your friends on milestone completion.  

People need to know 

Most people who tell others about what they want to achieve also get assistance in ways that they might not even have anticipated. Every person on the planet knows something that you don’t and when you multiply this across your entire network, you get hundreds of insights. Friends might know of products, people, courses, or information that could greatly benefit your goal, invaluable knowledge that you wouldn’t have if you never told anyone about your ambitions. One of them may even be on a similar journey as yours, giving you the opportunity to motivate and learn from each other.