Yes, ofcourse!

But before we discuss the subject, let me share with you a small story first,…

“There was a medical practitioner, known for his excellent diagnosing power. One day, he received cases of two out-station patients, one of a young man and the other being an old person. 

After studying their case, he wrote a message for both his patients. His message to the young person was, “You are hale and hearty, nothing to worry. Eat what you want and enjoy life.” And to the old man he wrote, “I’m sorry, unfortunately you have very little time left in this world. Take care.”

Now, it so happened that while his employee was preparing to deliver the messages, the addresses of the two got exchanged. Therefore, the message that was meant for the young reached the old man, and vice-versa. 

Reading the message, “You are hale and hearty, nothing to worry. Eat what you want and enjoy life”, the old man was thrilled. He would eat stomach-full, and all day long remained cheerful, thinking, “Oh! I have no ailment. I was unnecessarily worrying about it.” 

On the other hand, on reading the message, “I’m sorry, unfortunately you have very less time left in this world. Take care”, the young man was totally depressed. He stopped moving out from his home. Day and night, he was surrounded by negative thoughts and a constant fear that, “I’m seriously sick. Is this gonna be my last moment of life?”

In a few days, on some other occasion, the Doctor happened to visit the young man’s home. He was surprised to see him in the condition he was. He exclaimed, “What happened? Why do you look so miserable.” The young man said in a feeble voice, “How else could a dying man be?” “A dying man…?”, the Doctor couldn’t believe his ears! 

The Doctor soon realized the goof-up when the young man read out the message. He apologized for the mistake, comforted the young man; and soon left to see the old man. He was curious to know what his condition was on receiving the wrong note. And he was even more surprised this time! The old man was in high spirits, enjoying every moment of life, feeling perfectly well. The Doctor examined and re-examined him, and to his utter surprise, he was actually a healthy man now!

How did this miracle happen?

The law of attraction states that we attract situations into our life based on what we think. If our thoughts are positive, we attract positive evidences that help us bring about positive results. However, by thinking negatively, we attract negative outcomes. 

So, if we are remaining constantly engrossed in fearful thoughts like ‘what if something like this happens?’ it means, although unknowingly, we are actually giving an invitation for the fear to happen. 

We may have come across two adversities / obstacles during the month.  But we start harbouring the fear of that happening to us every day. Eg. If a bowl of curry is spilled once, it does not mean that it will happen every day, does it? But we keep fearing it all the time, and end up attracting more and more such instances into our life.

Or when we read in the newspapers about the Covid cases spreading far and wide or that a cyclone is about to hit our city, fear grips our psyche. We are unaware of the fact that by doing so, we are inviting that to happen sooner or later in our life. 

Now that we realize that we attract what we fear, how do we overcome our fears?

Obtain Right Understanding

To get rid of our fears, we need to have the right understanding. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, an enlightened being explains the reason behind our fears: 

There is constant fear when one feels hatred and dislike towards others. Why does one get scared of the police? It is because he is disliked, he is hated. One is afraid of the snake, because one is not aware of the pure soul residing within. If you naturally come across a snake and don’t fear it, the snake will pass by. If there are no ‘karmic’ accounts to settle, it will not harm you.

One might have heard from others that these policemen are very bad. Having gained this  knowledge, hatred sets in first. On the basis of this knowledge, one will say that ‘policemen are very bad’. That’s called hatred. A policeman is not one to be feared. It is due to the dislike that fear arises. Then, this fear keeps increasing day by day. So, when someday a policeman comes to one’s home, one feels very uneasy, even though the policeman may have just come to inquire about an address.

You will be afraid of whoever you hate. Fear of the snake and tiger arises from one’s hatred towards them. If you dislike a lizard, you will be afraid of it; if you don’t dislike it you will not feel fear of it.

Think Positive and Keep company of positive people

When we keep saying, “it’s bad, it’s bad” it results in dislike. Disapproving of things, people or situations, results in dislike which gradually results in fear. Rather, think positive. Think positive in every situation. Even if you attracted what you feared, from this moment, begin to think positive. You got less marks in exams, be positive. You lost your job, be positive. Your loved one is ill, be positive. The easiest way to be positive is: keep company of positive people.

In life, we cannot expect everything to work out as we wish, all the time. There will be difficulties and we may feel the pain too. However, if we remain positive, and maintain a balance between our strength and weaknesses, we shall overcome any difficulty with great ease. Param Pujya Dadashri used to say, “Difficulties make a man pure.” So, never fear! Instead, find out what’s positive even in the gravest of the situations. 
Had positivity been spread like Corona did, we would be living in a healthier world today. Positive thinking is the most powerful force in the human body. Today, let us all pray together that, “May we all develop the ability to think positive so that we attract only and only positivity into our life!”