If you’ve heard of Le-Vel Thrive, you’ve probably heard of the controversy surrounding it.So, what’s the deal with Le-Vel Thrive products? Are they worth investing in?

In order to make sense of Le-Vel, we need to dive into the “Thrive Experience,” which takes a three-pronged approach to helping customers achieve overall health and wellness. The Thrive Experience, which lasts 8 weeks, involves capsules, shakes and “Premium Lifestyle DFT (Derma Fusion Technology)”, also known as the Thrive Patch. While effects of the experience vary, Le-Vel Thrive reviews are filled with people who have enjoyed weight loss, increased energy and mental acuity, which they attribute to these Le-Vel products.

That’s a totally fair response. After all, there are plenty of stories about people reporting fabulous reactions to what ends up being sugar pills. Understandably, nobody wants to shell out money for something that just tricks you into feeling better. That’s why it’s important to look not only at the reported results, but also what’s actually in the products themselves. 

And, it turns out that Le-Vel’s products are backed by natural, active ingredients. 

The pills and shakes are filled with beneficial vitamin supplements, like Vitamin B and folic acid, as well as a healthy dose of green tea extract to give you a boost of energy. Ingredients are also naturally sourced and combined to give customers the best possible holistic solution to their wellness woes. And for those with gluten-sensitivity, it’s also worth noting that Le-Vel shakes are gluten free.

Of course, there are plenty of ways you can get supplement pills, but part of what sets Le-Vel Thrive apart is its Thrive patch. Other companies rely simply on supplements that can be taken orally, but according to Le-Vel.com Thrive patches provide “a delivery rate benefiting the individual over an extended period of time.” This gradual release of supplements can help keep customers going for longer. 

How does a Thrive patch work, exactly? Le-Vel’s Derma Fusion Technology is the first of its kind, designed to transfer premium supplements to the body through the skin over a long period of time. While Le-Vel could have stopped there, they pushed harder to create the fusion 2.0 technology, which provides better absorption and nutritional support. 

As for what the body is absorbing, the Thrive patch contains ingredients like aloe vera, known for improving skin, and limonene, a chemical found in the peels of citrus fruits that’s used to promote weight loss. Patches also contain Forslean, a weight loss product created with naturally sourced ingredients. The point here is that users can rest assured knowing they’re not ingesting anything dangerous or synthetic. 

What About the Bad Reviews?

Like any product, Le-Vel Thrive is subject to its fair share of negative reviews, even if they don’t show any on their website. Before you cry foul, however, remember that Le-Vel is a business. It doesn’t exactly make sense to advertise bad reviews of your products on your own website. 

One reason for bad reviews is that many people expect more than the product can offer. Bodies are unique; what works for one person won’t necessarily work for everybody. So, while there are plenty of people who enjoy everything from increased energy, weight loss and pain relief, it isn’t a guarantee that you will see those effects. 

Another problem is when individuals only use one of the three products and expects the same result as if they used the combination. The Thrive Experience was designed to be taken together. The pills offer an early boost, the shakes provide some meal replacement and the patches allow customers to get more supplements over the course of time. Although there might be minor gains with just taking the pills, shakes or patches, the best way to get results is to use all of the products — and to stick with the associated personal fitness regimen that goes along with them (an aspect of the Thrive Experience that some users overlook).  

Finally, it’s not an even dichotomy of “good reviews” on the Le-Vel website and “bad reviews” on other sites. In fact, Le-Vel Thrive enjoys business accreditation and an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau.

Who Do Le-Vel Products Work For?

If you visit Le-Vel’s website, you might notice a lot of skinny, attractive individuals being highlighted. As such, it’s all too easy to think “well, sure, Le-Vel Thrive works for them, they’re already young and healthy!” 

Of course, with that line of thinking, products like sports-wear and lingerie, which also fall into the trap of primarily utilizing young, uber-healthy bodies to advertise their products, aren’t for the average population. Companies want to advertise the best of the best, though. That’s just how things are.

That said, Le-Vel provides a wide range of reviews on their Le-Vel Thrive products. You can explore the stories of people like Donna Wyatt, a woman in her 60s who was homebound due to poor health; Jeremy Black, a middle-aged construction worker; and Vladamir Dasic, a generally healthy man who worked insane hours. These and other diverse stories share the range of individuals enjoying the Thrive Experience, as well as outlining ways their bodies reacted differently to the products.

Is Le-Vel Legit?

Le-Vel backs up their products with natural ingredients like vitamins, enzymes and amino acids. They also offer an approach that doesn’t depend on just one method to get the job done. Although there’s no guarantee that the system will work for everyone, there are plenty of glowing reviews of what Le-Vel Thrive can do — the blend of supplements are the real deal.

Of course, the only way to really know if Le-Vel works is to try it yourself. If you’re on the lookout for something to boost your overall health, including weight loss and increased energy, it might be worth checking out Le-Vel Thrive. 


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