Finding the perfect life coach can be tough. If you search for a life coach on Google you will quickly see that you are spoiled for choices. In my recent article How to find the perfect life coach I shared comprehensive tips for finding a coach who is a great match for you. 

It takes two to tango, though. Are you the perfect coachee

The success of a coaching journey is co-created between the coach and client. Even with the best coach on the planet, you won’t be able to create powerful shifts unless you do your part. It starts with the right mindset, a willingness to change and a commitment to the process.  

I have created a brief online test which will help you establish whether you meet the criteria for being the “perfect coachee”.  If you are, coaching can be truly life changing. If you are not, other approaches like a talking therapy, consultancy or training may be more effective to assist you in achieving your career and life goals. My article How to find the perfect life coach explains the differences between these approaches.

Are you ready to find out whether coaching might be right for you?


It only takes two minutes to take the test. 

Be honest with your answers. You won’t gain anything from lying in this test! 

If you have any questions about your test results or about coaching, you can contact me at [email protected]

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