Since, the pandemic has taken control over human mobility, industries, trades and businessesare limiting everyone from everyone. The need to talk about mental illness has now become crucial. Ever-growing number of people are being treated from mental illness and the fact that they number is constantly growing, the subject needs to be dissected closely.

Describing normal perhaps the fundamental aspects of normal human behaviour can be an illness that we are ignoring for a long time. Due to the lapsed contact with everyone, it has now become extremely prominent during this year.

This article is specifically about sharing the sense of hope, telling people that they are not alone in this war against mental illness. To be with other people who are going through the same thing, as you, makes it much easier. However, with the help of good support team of doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, you can easily get through it. All it takes is a few words to ask for help, which is the core issue of the whole predicament.

What Is Mental Illness?

Pre and post-pandemic, the worldwide affairshas been drastically changed. When, the industries from all over the world were thriving, the long epidemic has made diligences a lot more difficult. The conditions have gone too far that it has not just affected business from flourishing but people to grow mentally, affecting mental health. Rangingto disorders like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, insomnia, hypersomnia, hallucination, bipolar disorder,etc. the mental health could be seen in various forms.

What Causes Mental Illness Or Ways We Triggers It?

While countries around eh world have continued to mobilize, to minimize the spread of COVID-19, mental health expert Mark Henick (Mental Health strategist and Speaker) says, “We cannot lose the sight of equally alarming issues raising among people, the long-term mental health impact this pandemic is going to leave on society.

He further adds that mental illness or the feeling of sadness or anxiety (reached to an elevated level) is triggered when someone is going through any trauma and with this COVID-19 situation we are in a social trauma phase altogether.

The fact that people are forced to maintain the social distancing to stop the spread of the virus, or even after the spread is under-control, the “New Normal” has put people into a numberof fears.

Being Mentally Ill; Is It A Shame To Society? If Not, Then Why Do People Hide It?

Let’s just accept the fact that if one of us was fighting cancer, he/she would pompously post it on Facebook, gathering all the wishes and praises but mental illness? Well, Think for a second. Do we as a society accept metal illness as regular as any other illness?

Let’s put a rewind button to our faded memories. You must’ve said or seen peoplemockingthat Ms. ABC has been ranting around all day about his family problems, financial crisis, loneliness;or so-and-so person’s social media posts are all stress and anxiety. Did you ever think it through? What if the person is going through some serious depression and your listening might save them from going to the extreme lines?The truth is we altogether have been responsible for creating such a hostile world for people going through depression.

Have you imagined a world where there is no stigma to mental illness? A place where people can openly talk about the reason of their depression and we as their well-wisherswould help them getting out of that phase.

It’s been decadeswhen people with mental illness has been looked down with shame. One reason could be not accepting it as a real illness or not believing in people making fun on their miseries or not being able to be a shoulder to support. What if your little jokes about someone’s anxiety can only move them one step closer towards depression? Who would you blame then?

A lot of questions but the answers lies within. Ask yourself.

Is There Any Prescription To Mental Illness Or Is It Just Like Migraine?

Close your eyes and imagine, no wait! Don’t actually close your eyes, just imagine while reading this. A sneak-in to the ‘New Normal’; people hanging out around each other maintaining a little e distance, things aren’t the same as before but we can still manage to be at each other’s place celebration birthdays, anniversaries, obviously while wearing the masks. None of it is same as it was before this pandemic but we can still be available for each other to listen, to spread laughter.

Mental illness has been so far left untreated until we humans take a step forward towards those suffering from it. Comforting them, manifesting support, being a shoulder for people suffering from mental illness can really help society with people suffering from mental illness.

Apart from mental illness has become a stigma to the society, let’s just accept, this is only thing that does not separate us based on sex, caste, colour, ethnicity, cultural or religious opinions, etc. We have all struggled with the same illness that is mental illness, thus we as a society has come closer to each other.

Post-pandemic, there will be more and more cases revealed causing mental illness. Since the residual stress certainly depression, financial pressures, learning how to re-engage with the world in the new way is going to be difficult for most of people. Eventually, people are going to get used to of the “New-Normal” such as wearing masks wherever they go, sanitizing hands and body more often, maintaining social distance of a regular basis, avoid crowded places, etc.